“Moving forward doesn’t mean forgetting the past. Moving forward means doing something about the past.”

This was said by a character in a police detective book I’m reading. I know, not the usual fuel for inspiration.

But this simple statement got me thinking.

Many of us get stuck in the past. We dwell on it. We let it affect our present and ultimately our future.

From a mindset point of view, the past, our stories and beliefs, is what keeps us stuck.

But here’s the question … how many of us are actively holding on to the past?

We may not think we are doing it, especially when the past is what causes us pain. But if we’re continuing to let the past hold us back, are we not holding on to it?

And if you are holding on to the past, the real question becomes … Why wouldn’t we want to move forward? Why wouldn’t we want to forget?

That’s the million dollar question right there. Or the $5k month question. Or the $10k month question.

Because the answer to that question, THAT’S exactly what is keeping you from that money goal, that life goal, whatever you’re striving for.

There are many reasons why we don’t want to forget our past.

Probably the biggest one: Remembering keeps us in pain but it keeps reminding us to guard ourselves and it keeps us safe.

We are much more less likely to repeat the same mistakes if we keep the ones we’ve made (and the horrible results of those mistakes) at the forefront of our minds.

Can you see how that works?

If we remember the past, we won’t repeat it. But we also stay stuck in the fear that we WILL repeat it because we keep thinking about it, therefore holding ourselves back anyway.

Total mind fuck right?

Going back to the quote, can we really more forward without forgetting?

I believe we can.

As humans, we don’t every really forget.

What we CAN do is gain awareness, watch out for our triggers and negative thought patterns and take steps to not let the past affect us now.

It doesn’t mean forgetting. It means using it as fuel to better ourselves and our lives.

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