The other day I should’ed all over myself.
I should be posting more on Facebook.
I should be doing live video. 
I should be doing more engaging.

How many times have you done this?

Seen or heard something that worked for someone else and thought you needed to try it to.

Or started following a coach who is sharing their specific method and you start thinking you need to do it too.

We go into this spiral of should’s and have to’s.

We start worrying that if we DON’T try something, we may miss out on the magic answer.

Just because it worked for someone else.

But the problem is, their business is not your business.

Their audience is not your audience.

Their energy, their magic, the way they captivate their followers … none of that is yours.

There are so many marketing strategies out there. And we’re all so different.

Because of this, there are no shoulds in marketing. There are no have to’s.

There can be suggestions and tactics but that’s all they are. Suggestions that you can take or leave.

Because you have the power to decide if something truly makes sense for you and your business.

If it doesn’t, leave it. If it does, try it out.

What you should be focusing on?

The real magic, all in, be all end all, final answer answer you’re looking for?

It’s to do what feels fun for YOU.

I know, this is business. It’s not about fun.

Oh, but it is.

When you’re having fun and truly enjoying marketing your business, it opens up this wonderful, inviting energy.

It opens up your space for more abundance, more ideas, more clients, more money.

You see, we all thrive in our own ways. Maybe you enjoy live video. Maybe it’s writing or audio.

Whatever it is, do that. There’s no reason to force all the other things you think you should be doing. Why would you want to?

If video/writing/audio/whatever is fun, why force yourself to do other things?

I don’t think any of us want to do things we don’t want to. We convince ourselves to do them because it works for someone else or because someone else said to do it.

But we’re actively telling ourselves to do them. We’re convincing ourselves.


What if you followed your own strategy?

And did the things, and only the things, that felt fun for you?

You’d enjoy marketing.
You’d automagically attract clients.
You’d start attracting ease and flow and abundance.

All because you allowed yourself to be in flow and have fun.

Sound good?

Are you ready to forget all the shoulds and create your own strategy?

Check out Un-should Your Marketing: A Reflective Journal to Help You Release What You THINK You Should Be Doing And Step Into What Feels Good For You.