I never would have imagined being here a few years ago.

At that point I was trying anything and everything to make my business work.

I followed advice of coaches, tried to do all the “right” things and never yielded stellar results.

It was frustrated, unhappy and downright scared of admitting what a failure I was.

I was chasing the dream, but at that time, I had no idea who’s dream I was chasing.

Because if you asked me back then, I had no idea what my purpose was. I couldn’t clearly see the big vision. In fact, if you asked me to visualize my ideal day or future life, I wasn’t able to.

I was so blocked and stuck, I couldn’t imagine myself NOT struggling.

I had to dig myself out of my hole of darkness and rediscover myself.

I had to reconnect with myself to find what I was truly good at and what I truly wanted.

I had to learn what marketing methods felt good to me, so I wouldn’t feel pressured, obligated or frightened about really showing up.

When we’re in touch with ourselves, that is when we create our own path to success.

We do things on our terms, because we know without a doubt what feels good to us. We know what we want and what we don’t want.

We stop listening to all the experts and gurus and following methods that weren’t designed for us in the first place.

I know this can seem scary.

I mean, I’m telling you to forget what you’re told and do your own damn thing.

Isn’t that what the experts are there for? To tell you what to do.

Well, yes and no. They are there to show you different tactics and tell what works, but you still need to follow your intuition and know what to choose for yourself.

It’s seeing what’s out there, what’s working for others, and picking and choosing for yourself.

It’s having the wisdom to see what will make sense for you, and what won’t.

And it starts with knowing, really connecting with, yourself. So you can trust yourself to make the right decisions and know that you’re on the right path to your dream biz and your success.

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