I don’t know who needs to hear this, but STOP trying to get your mindset practice perfect.

This was me.

I spent so much time tweaking and adding to my morning routine. I’d see a suggestion from someone I admired and wanted to add it in because it sounded soooo good.

I was constantly editing. I would take things away that didn’t resonate with me, only to add more things in.

And I realized I was spending more time trying to perfect my mindset routine than actually doing it.

Woah. Like damn.

Here’s the thing with having a spiritual practice … I think sometimes there’s this urge to fit everything in and do it right.

Because there are so many things you COULD add.

For me, I was afraid of missing something, some essential part of a mindset practice.

And even though I was already eliminating things that didn’t feel good for me, I found myself tweaking the parts I kept. Which also kept me in planning mode and out of doing mode.

Stupid perfectionism.

So, if you are finding yourself constantly tweaking your mindset routine, or even not knowing where to start, here’s my take on it:

Take the things that feel good, forget the rest and just do it.

No over thinking, just do it daily.

You can always adjust as time goes on. And in fact, you should adjust as time goes on.

For example, I was finding that some affirmations I had seen other people suggest were completely unaligned for me. They just didn’t feel right for where I was at the time.

But as I evolved and grew, I found that my affirmations were able to shift as well. Things that felt way out of reach before started to feel more real. And as you know, you have to believe it in order for it to make a difference.

What to Include in Your Mindset Routine

If you’re still in the figure it out mode, here are some things you can include in your own routine.

I’ve broken it down into categories with suggestions for each category.

Connection to God/Universe/Source

This category connects you with a higher power and get guidance. It allows you to be still, tap in and connect. I personally suck at meditation, I prefer to pray or journal with my guides. Do what feels good for you.

  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Meditative journaling
  • Gratitude

Connection to self

This category allows you to connect with yourself and who you are now. You can choose to start your morning with some journaling to get all your thoughts out, or some positive affirmations.

  • Stream of consciousness journaling
  • Affirmations
  • Reading a self help, mindset, business book
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation-yes this fits multiple categories
  • Exercise
  • Eating well

Connection to future

This is one of my favorites. This category is all about connecting to the next level you. For me, I like to write so I do some version of future journaling. But visualization might work better for you. Find what you enjoy and what allows you to see what your goals are.

  • Dream day journaling
  • Vision board
  • Mental visualization
  • Intention setting
  • Planning out your daily tasks

To create your routine, pick what makes sense and feels aligned for you and forget the rest. Your mindset routine should never be a chore.

You can always tweak it later. If you choose something and find that it doesn’t light you up, switch it out. There are no rules when it comes to mindset. It’s whatever makes you feel uplifted, confident and excited about the day ahead.

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