When creating a blog from scratch, these 3 things often get overlooked.When you’re creating a blog from scratch, you read about great content, headlines and images.

And you can have all that, but there could still be something missing from your blog.

Things that will really help show off your voice and your value, and help you attract the right people.

And you’re not alone. When I first started blogging, I didn’t pay any attention to these things either.

Why? Cause I didn’t know any better.

When you create your own blog from scratch there are 3 things that will help you convey your value, show your readers what you’re blog is about, and help build trust; 3 important things you need to keep readers coming back to your site.

But the thing is, these things are often overlooked. They are often an afterthought.

So, what are there? Let’s get to it!

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A Great Tagline

First up, your tagline. If you don’t have a clear tagline, you need one now.

Readers need to know what your blog is about, and if your blog is for them. You want to attract your ideal reader and get them to stick around. To have them say “Hell, yeah! This blog is for me!”

And I know your content and other pages probably explain this. But if your home page isn’t instantly clear, you could be losing out on a bunch of target readers. Don’t make them have to go poking around and reading to find out what your blog is about. Because a lot of the time, they aren’t going to do it.

So. How do you write a good tagline?

Think of what you do and who you serve. Then make it catchy. Use this post for more information and inspiration.

A Killer About Page

You may think an about page is supposed to be about you. Well it is, and it isn’t.

An About page should speak to your ideal reader. The perfect About page should tell a little about you and why you’re qualified to write this epic blog, but it should also be about your ideal reader. Who they are and what they will find on your blog. How will they benefit from getting to know you and reading your content.

Your about page should include:

  • Your value. What can you offer your readers?
  • Your people. Make sure your ideal reader knows who they are when they read your About page. Like your tagline, this should be made very clear here.
  • About your site. What is your blog about? How are you going to help your readers?
  • Your own story. Don’t go overboard here. Tell your story, but only the parts that relate to your blog. Why are qualified to write this? What have you done that you want to help others do or achieve?
  • A call to action. They’ve gotten to know you a bit and trust in you a little more than they did when they landed on your site. Use it! Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or connect with you on social media.

Your Smiling Face

Lastly, your blog must have your image. On your home page and your About page. At the very least.

And I know, it can be difficult for some people to put themselves out there, but a real image is so important to having a successful blog.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what some peeps on Facebook said about this:

“I always look for a photo and a bio. I want to know the person behind the blog. Helps build trust”

“I always look at the photos and bio when checking out new blogs. I have a lot of personal photos on mine and feel that it connects people more.”
“I like to see a photo – if not in the sidebar, then at least on the “about me” page. It definitely makes a blog look more legit to me.”

“I feel like [a real photo] makes the blog more personal. It allows me to know the person who is behind the blog post.”

Okay, convinced now?

Your image should look professional. It doesn’t have to be a stuffy headshot, but it shouldn’t be a camera phone selfie, or have other people cropped out of it. Take a real picture of just you, smiling directly at the camera. Something that shows a bit of your personality is great too!

Do you have all 3 of these things in mind when creating a blog? If you currently have a blog, do you have them up already? If not, I want to see you take action and make some changes now. Leave a comment here if you have any questions or need help, or head over to my free Facebook group just for awesome bloggers like you to get feedback and support.