How many times has it happened to you?

You sit down, with every intention of creating some sort of content, and … nothing. 

Nothing comes to you. You continue to stare at the stark white doc, hoping for some inspiration to hit. 

But nothing seems interesting. Everything has been done and done again to death.

It happens to all of us. 

In fact, so many people state not knowing what to write as one of the top reasons why they don’t create content on a regular basis. 

But in my experience, this is just a surface-level reason. 

The real reason? 

They’re not quite sure how to convey their main message in a way that stands out. This isn’t a marketing or content thing, it’s a confidence thing. 

Because the truth is, you KNOW what to write about. 

You KNOW what it is you want to teach. 

You KNOW what it is you believe in. 

If you don’t, you need to go back to discovering your message and what your big vision is. Period. 

Now back to this massive, Infinity Gauntlet sized block you’re facing. 

The one little shift that will change everything for you is nothing more than confidence in your message and your vision. 

Because when you’re confident and know without a doubt what you want to share with the world, the ideas just flow. You don’t need to force yourself to think of what you want to say. Creating content is nothing more than sharing what you’re excited about. 

So believe in you, your vision and what you have to say. Believe that you have the knowledge and the skills to truly help people. Believe that people want what you have to offer.

If there are any doubts coming up, address them head on. Ask yourself where the doubts are coming from, and if they are even true. Reevaluate what your vision is for your business and sit with your ideas until you are 100% confident and feel in your soul that it’s right. 

The key to constant content ideas is confidence. Believing in your message. The rest is just showing up and being consistent. Write it, speak it. It doesn’t matter. Trust me, when you’re in this state of creativity and flow, the ideas and words will start to come effortlessly.