I was thinking about the word income.

This is probably the nerdy English major in me.

But income starts with in, right?

It’s what you bring in.

And what you bring IN is in proportion to what you put OUT.

So if you want to bring in MORE income, you must put out more.

But it doesn’t mean make more products, create more packages.

Hear me out.

Putting out more means doing whatever you have decided that you’re going to do to market your business.

It looks different for everyone. Cause every business is different. Every entrepreneur is different.

It could be more blog posts.
More social posts.
More podcasts.
More live events.
More in person meetings.
Showing up more in online groups.
Making more invitations.
Asking for more sales calls.

Basically it’s committing to makes the most sense for your business, and then showing up more.

The more you do it consistently, the more results and income comes in.

Makes sense right?

But why don’t we always do it?

The reality is, showing up more takes commitment.

Not just a time commitment, but a commitment to yourself and your business.

It takes pushing through, even when you feel like you might be on the wrong track.

ESPECIALLY when you feel you might be on the wrong track.

It means continuing when you’re not getting the results right away.

It means telling the voices that tell you to give up and that you can’t do it to go fuck themselves.

Results are proportional to effort. Income is proportional to output.

So I want to ask you:

What can you do everyday to get you closer to your goal?

What feels easy and effortless for you to do?

What would be fun for you to do everyday that gets your message in front of the right people?

Decide and commit.