In the marketing world, brand message and brand messaging seem to be used interchangeably. 

But to me, they are completely different. 

And you need both. 

You message is your mission. Your value statement. What you want to share with the world.

Messaging is more nuanced. It’s multi-faceted. 

Message is WHAT you want to say, messaging is HOW you convey it.

A noun vs a verb. 

Let’s dive in to what each one really is, shall we? 

What is a Brand Message?

Like I said, brand message is what you want to tell the world. It’s your big message, what you stand for. It’s your brand’s USP (Unique Selling Position), what makes you different. 

If you could wrap what you believe up into a succinct sentence or short phrase that’s easy to share … that’s your brand message.

What is Brand Messaging? 

Messaging is an overarching way you share your message. It’s what you’re telling people using the careful chosen words, phrases and images. It’s how you deliberately make people think and feel with your content. 

Here are the elements that can make up your messaging: 

  • The words and phrases you use. Are there words that show off your personality? Words that you tend to use that other similar businesses don’t? Are there words that you DON’T use? How about words or language that your target audience is attracted to? 
  • The images you use. Images have the power to evoke certain emotions. They can also portray your personality or provide resonance for your target audience. Just by picking certain images throughout your website and even blog posts, you can tell your audience a little more about your business.
  • The tone you use. Tone is easier to convey through video and audio content, but it can be done with written content as well. For example, word choice can help convey seriousness, playfulness, empathy and more. Punctuation can also add to the tone of your content.
  • Your stories. Your stories are just that … yours. No one else will be able to duplicate YOU. Share why you you started your business, why you’re so passionate about your mission. All of it helps bring your big vision to life and allows people to get a better sense of who you are. 

Message and messaging. They are very different, and both are important facets of your marketing plan. Both will help you stand out among the other people in your niche. But one is what you want to say, and the other is how you’re going to say it.