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How to Work at Home With Kids

My kids private school shut down. Completely. While I could wallow in the fact that my kids will likely lose their friends and this was never in my plan, I'm going to move forward. Cause really, what can I do?     We've decided to homeschool the kids for the next...

You Have to Do it All – Or Do You?

"It's just not possible," she thought.   She stared at the blank screen with a tired red eyes. Exhausted from the day's work, she knew she had a lot more work ahead of her. She was up against a strict deadline, one she had set for herself, but nevertheless it was...

What Not to Do When You Start Your Online Business

Many of us pick entrepreneurship because it sounds like a dream come true. Maybe you want more flexibility for you and your family. Or maybe the corporate world isn't the right fit for you because it just doesn't "get" your genius. Or maybe you genuinely want to...

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