It kind of sounds like a super woo woo thing, doesn’t it? Being in flow.

Like some sort of airy fairy state where everything just … works.

And it is kind of like that.

But it’s also much more.

Being in flow is so important to your business.

Let me back up.

I used to think it didn’t matter. That creation was just creation. It was something I could do when I wanted to. And yes, some topics were always easier for me to write but I just thought it was because I enjoyed those more.

But I was wrong.

Being in flow is so much more than just being in a creative mood.

Being in flow is where you’re most aligned with your soul.

Not only does your content and your message come easily, so do ideas and abundance.


It’s a state of being.

When you allow yourself to stay in that state, you’re open. Your thoughts flow. Your ideas flow. You’re feeling good.

And when you feel good, everything becomes easier and comes to you easily.

It kind of just opens up everything you’ve been asking for.

So how do you get in (and stay in) flow?

It’s being in creation mode, but creation that feels so damn easy and fun.

Like it’s not even work or business, it’s THAT fun.

It’s deciding what is so fun for you, that world be do it regardless if you ever got paid a cent for it.

It’s creating without expectation.

Simply because you have a message you have to get out.

That could be writing. That could be video. It doesn’t matter. It’s just tapping in to that feeling of “this is so fun and enjoyable for me” and sharing something that is so damn important to you.

That is flow. That is sharing from your soul.

For me, I know the times where I just allowed myself to create and write what I wanted to, without worrying about whether or not it would attract the right people or convert to sales or anything, that is when clients and opportunities start magically appearing.

But when I do things from a forced placed, trying to figure things out and doing things because I felt I needed to, that is when things come to a halt.

Here are some questions for you:

What feels the most fun for you?

What are you doing when the ideas just come without pushing and trying?

If you could do ONE thing everyday that you truly enjoy and still spread the word about you and your business, what would that one thing be?

What would feel so damn easy to do daily?

Think on these questions. Journal on them. Find something that puts in a flow state of being and watch more opportunities open up.