write better and fasterDo you spend too much time writing?

Unless you can write with lightning speed, there’s always room for improvement.

Whether you write blog posts, books, articles or anything really, writing faster (and better!) can help you get work done quicker, raise your productivity and free up your time to do even more. Here are 5 incredibility simple tips that will help you be a faster writer.

#1 Do research first

The last thing you want to do when you are writing is have to cut your train of thought to do more research. Start your writing session by doing all your research and check all your facts. Word of caution: “doing research” online can often lead to checking out other sites that really have nothing to do with your writing. Do your best to avoid this time-suck.

#2 Write an outline

Do you remember starting with an outline in high school English class? There was a reason for that. It’s because it helps organize your thoughts and lay out your content. Write your outline with subheadings and notes for each point. The more detailed you make your outline, the easier your actual writing will be.

#3 Turn off your spell check

This is a huge one for me because I use Word and I can’t stand those wiggly red lines! They drive me insane and must be corrected immediately! So for me, turning off the spell check feature helps me keep my focus on just writing and actually saves me time.

To turn off the spell check in Microsoft Word 2010, click on the “File” tab in the top left corner. Scroll down to “Options” and then “Proofing.” Uncheck the box that says “check spelling as you type.”

proofing pic

To turn this back on, just go back and check the box and those wiggly little red lines will appear.

#4 Write when you are most productive

Most people have a certain time of day where they are the most productive. For me, this is the morning after my kids have gone off to school. I have more energy and get more done. When I do work later in the day or at night, I’m tried and worn out from the day and don’t write as well.

It doesn’t matter if your most productive time is morning or night, all that matters is that you figure out your most productive time.

Bonus tip: Turn off distractions! When you are productive, it’s time to get down and just write. Turn off the TV, find a quiet space and just write. If you find the Internet distracts you, use software like Freedom to literally turn off the Internet for a specified amount of time.

#5 Practice!

Yes, even for writing practice does make perfect. The more you write, the better and faster you will be at it.


Being able to write faster can help you be more productive and get things done quicker. Try any of these 5 easy ways to become a faster (and better!) writer.

Now to you: What helps you write faster? Leave your tips in the comments below.