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You want to begin blogging, but you might be thinking, “I have no idea what I want to blog about!” or “I have too much to say!” or “I don’t know what to even begin with!” You have unique abilities and topics that you want to share, but starting on this journey may seem daunting or overwhelming because coming up with what to write about is scary!

I want to let you in on a little secret: It’s not hard to come up with content or even finding topics to write about. I am going to give you five different ways to become a content generating machine that it’s so easy, you’ll be surprised! I encourage you to take time today or this week to explore different ways on how your blogs can have the best of both worlds: plenty of content and organization.

Answer the Public

I found answerthepublic.com on a Facebook group that I am a part of and this site is quite brilliant. When you type in your keyword in the search bar, the site will scour Google and Bing for the top asked questions on that specific keyword. Then they put all these questions into a wheel, like shown below when I typed in the word “blogging”:



Much like Answer the Public, this is the place where your audience are posting their questions or concerns. After creating your account and telling Quora the topics you’re interested in, Quora will create for you a Feed that will stick to your topics and interests.

From here, you will want to find questions that are on topic with what you are an expert on. You can answer the question on Quora and then make a blog post about it so when the question is raised again, you can lead people back to your blog that answers the question more in depth.

Look at your competition

Notice I didn’t say steal from your competition because this isn’t what you and your brand is about! When I say look at your competition, I want you to see what they are talking about. As you read their blogs, ask yourself what gaps are they not answering? What are they leaving out? Or take it another way – Do you disagree with something they write about? Do you have a different perspective on the topic?

This exercise is to get ideas flowing to see what you can talk about and serve your audience even further by providing your own outlook or filling in a gap that your competition isn’t talking about

Discover what the Top Dogs are doing in your industry to discover trends.

Instead of looking at your competition, look at who you idolize in your industry. Who are the Top Dogs who is making millions? What are they saying? These people will be writing about the trends inside of your industry, so pick up from them on what you can write about and even link back a quote or idea to their site.

Mind Mapping Your Genius

If you love pen and paper, then I have something in store for you! Use a Mind Map to discover your topics! Think of this as a brain dump, but with more focus. I have provided you a free Mind Map download to begin working on your genius.

To use this Mind Map, the biggest circle in the center is for you to place your title or expertise. Use the four circles going off of the center circle with what you do inside of your business or expertise. Then off of each one of these circles are smaller circles and you come up with ideas that represents the previous bigger circle. See below as an example of how I filled out my Mind Map.


Keep doing this until all the circles are filled. Each circle is a topic you can write about. I want to challenge you to take one of the smaller circles and place it in the middle as your main focus and explore what that would look like to give you more topics.

Coming up with content isn’t as hard as you might have thought. Yes, it does take time, but once you have topics to talk about, the writing part comes quite easily. Now that you have five different ways to find content, begin to explore ways to help your audience know and trust your brand more!

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