There are a lot of C’s out there when it comes to content. Create, cultivate, consistent, compelling, customize, conversation, conversion.

These are all very important for creating content that attracts. There’s no doubt about it.

But my 3 C’s are a little different.

While I believe in strategies and having a solid plan, I believe there’s more to content.

At it’s core, content allows you to connect with the right people. It’s the telling of your story, the sharing your of insights and truths. It’s the way you teach and share your expertise. Whether it’s a potential client, a new friend or a new business partner, content is what let’s people get to know you more and decide if they want to be your next online BFF.

So because of that, the 3 C’s I focus on are connection, confirmation and clarification.

Let me explain.


Content allows people to connect with you, get to know you. Through stories, energy, personality. It demonstrates how you’re different. Its your personality, your brand.

Content should have your special flavor weaved into it. No more vanilla posts from you. Not even that fancy-ass vanilla bean will do. You, my friend, are birthday cake flavored ice cream complete with a gluten-free waffle cone, sprinkles and Cap’n Crunch cereal. Hell, let’s add some caramel just for kicks.

If you love cats, tell people about it. If you’re like me and Disneyland is life, let people know. Show your spiritual side, show your conservative side. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to show your true self and let them see the real you.


Content should offer some confirmation for readers. It needs to confirm for them whether they agree with you or not. Basically, your content should state your opinion.

I know you have opinions … we all do. Sometimes we get afraid to share it because we’re afraid that people won’t agree. Or we’re afraid to stir up the masses.

I know this first hand. This was me for so, so many years. I didn’t want to share anything to risque. I was terrified that people would decide they didn’t like me. And this stemmed from years of my own mom treating me like she didn’t like me. Actually, she even told me she loved me but she didn’t like me. But that’s another conversation for another time. Or a therapist.

The thing is, not everyone will agree with your opinion, and that’s okay. Having polarity to your content will allow people to decide if they want to continue following you or not. Because people tend to connect with people who have similar beliefs.

It’s one of the best ways to weed out your audience and separate them into potential clients and not potential clients. I mean, do you really want to work with clients who don’t share your big beliefs? For a coach, sharing the same beliefs can be essential.


Content should give them clarification on some issue or problem they face. They should walk away clearer on something, with a bit more understanding. This doesn’t mean give it all away, but give them enough so they know that you know your stuff.

Don’t just tell them WHAT they should be doing. Give them a little bit of the HOW. Give them steps to take, tips to implement.

I know this can sometimes feel like giving away the farm, but trust me, it’s not. You want your audience to see what you know and how you teach. Because that is what will help them decide to work 1:1 with you. And really, the information you give away for free in your content can never replace the benefits and support people will get if they do decide to work with you.

For everything you write, record or share, make sure you’re hitting these 3 C’s. Make sure you content allows your audience to connect to you even deeper. Make sure it confirms for them whether or not they truly resonate with your beliefs and style. And lastly, make sure it gives them a sense of clarity on a problem they are facing.