Website Review

Did you know we have about a whopping 2 seconds to make an impression on new readers? So your blog needs to display what you're all about in those measly 2 seconds!

How do you do that? By making sure your value is clear and your blog is making the right impression.

If you’re unsure, let me help you! I'll check out your site and make sure it's IMMEDIATELY displaying your blog's value, telling readers what you're all about and giving off the image you want. I’ll give you feedback and any suggestions to help you convey your value and your wow factor, and discover ways to convert visitors into lifelong readers and subscribers.

What I provide feedback on:

  • I start by checking out your "first impression" and making sure you have it down!
  • I'll check out your About page to make sure it's giving readers the right message about you and your blog
  • I also go through your menu and sidebar to make sure you're optimized to meet your goals.
  • I will also take a look at your overall branding, content and any calls-to-action to make sure that everything on your blog is working as one.

I'll give you tips to improve your site and your overall online presence.

You will get a video of me going through your site so you will see what I see, and know exactly where my suggestions should go.

Here’s what past blog review clients have said:

theresa"I needed some fresh eyes on my blog as I started a big push to monetize and launch my own courses, and Corinne was such a great help! She talked me through her experience looking at my site and offered constructive criticism that has greatly improved my travel blog. I especially appreciated that she took her time and went into details about what I was doing right and where I could make changes. It was a useful reality check that helped me focus on making my site even better!"

Theresa Christine, Tremendous Times

es"Wow! I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to review my blog!! Seriously! Thank you!"

Elizabeth Smith, Elizabeth Smith Online

taya"Thank you so much! I've already implemented some of your suggestions!"

Taya Knight, Simply Frugal




How it works:

Click the button to get started. It will take you to a short form that will give me just a bit more info about your blog.

I'll take a quick look at your site. If I think your blog is bangin' the way it is, there's no need to pay a thing! If I think there is any room for improvement, I'll get back to you with our next steps. I'll let you know what elements could use some tweaking, so you can decide if you want to more forward with the rest of the review.

Your investment: $49