Should You Be Using Facebook Live for Business?

Facebook Live is HUGE right now.

And it’s no surprise. It seamlessly meshes marketing, visibility and community.

But is it necessary?

Many marketers will tell you it is, especially if you want to increase that know, like and trust factor.

You know what? I’m going to tell you it’s not.

Well, sort of.

First of all, let’s go over the benefits of using Facebook Live for marketing your business.

Benefits of Using Facebook Live for Business

It allows people to get to know you. It’s not just video, its LIVE video. People get to see you, your wisdom, your expertise, your flaws. You make a mistake, there’s no rewind and edit button.  But! This is a good thing! It allows people to get to know you on a deeper level and humanizes your brand. Sure, some people may not resonate with the “real” you, but that’s okay!

It can lead to better engagement. Facebook Live naturally encourages engagement. Well, if you catch the video live. Viewers can leave comments in real-time, and you can answer them in real-time too. It’s an amazing way to have conversations with your viewers, increasing interaction and ongoing engagement.

It can give you immediate feedback. Got a new concept or new course idea? Do a Live about it and get immediate feedback from your followers. It’s one of the best (and instant!) way to do market research. Ask for blog topics, test a product or course idea, ask readers what they want to know, and more.

It’s a good way to promote. You got their attention, use it! Mention your blog posts, newsletter, freebies, even paid products.

Is Facebook Live Necessary?

I know.

It sounds pretty damn awesome. And it is.

But going back to my original question: Is it necessary?

Yes and no.

Will it help boost your business? Yes

Will it give you visibility?  Yes

Will it help develop that know, like and trust factor?  Of course it will

Is it the only way to do it?  No!

If doing Facebook Live for your business doesn’t feel good to you or work for your marketing plan, don’t do it!

There are so many other ways to get visible as hell.

You could:

  • Guest post
  • Post in industry Facebook groups
  • Get invited to be a guest on a blog or podcast

But! (Huge but here. Feel free to insert some snickering – haha she said “huge but”) don’t let your fear be the reason you don’t do it. This is super important. Facebook Live isn’t the be all, end all and you don’t have to do live broadcasts, but don’t opt out of marketing like this just because you’re afraid to do them.

If you do feel called to do live video, gather your balls and do it!

I know, it’s not always that easy. Because live video can be scary if you’ve never done it. Probably for all the reasons I stated as benefits.

  • People will really start to see you, flaws and all.
  • You will have more engagement, which means you have to show up more.
  • You get immediate feedback. But oh shit, what if that feedback is negative?

But if fear is really the only thing holding you back, it’s time to face your fear and start getting visible as hell!

How do you know the difference?

Close your eyes. Come on, do it. Imagine yourself broadcasting live to all your followers. Imagine delivering the same information in your latest blog post, except you’re doing it live. Imagine some comments rolling in, and answering them on the spot.

What comes to your mind? What feelings come up?

If you feel like it isn’t the right fit, like this doesn’t seem like the right way to reach your people, or maybe like your current followers wouldn’t be interested in interacting this way, then maybe Facebook Live isn’t the right tactic for your business.

If you feel anxious, scared, worried about how doing a live broadcast would go, then that’s fear talking. This has nothing to do with whether or not you should or shouldn’t be doing it. Because no matter the answer, your fear is going to hold you back.

So here’s the thing. If you know Facebook Live isn’t for your business, don’t do it. But if you are avoiding it just because you’re afraid (and trust me, you know the difference) now is the perfect time to face your fears and do it. Pick a time where engagement is low and not many people will catch it live and just start talking. I’m serious. Much less pressure. Then the next time, pick a time where more people will actually see it. Like anything, practice makes easier. Good luck!


  1. Hey Corinne,

    I don’t know how I missed this post. I’ve been seeing a lot more bloggers use Facebook live and they’re getting great feedback. I’ve been working up the nerve to do one myself. I’ve come so close but then I shut if off. It bugs the hell out of me because I’m the loudest one in the fam and in person I can go on and on…but put me on video – girl, I freeze up big time.

    This post just convinces me that I need to get a move on. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this. You know I’m passing this on.

    Have a great week hun!

    Cori Ramos recently posted…How to Get More Social Media FollowersMy Profile

  2. Nice Post and thanks for sharing the interesting information with us.

    When it comes to engagement and sharing, video wins hands-down. Facebook Live made its debut last 02 years back when the company tested the new service with selected accounts. Now available to all users, Facebook Live requires only a video camera, an Internet connection and a Facebook account. The social media site does all the rest. Users share live-streaming video, while friends and fans react to the video as it streams. So every business can take the benefit of the live videos and we can stay connected with our fans and followers.

  3. Hi,
    Its my first visit to your blog and i have found it so useful and informative specially this post. keep doing your good work.
    Ambreen Nisa recently posted…Best Google Adsense Strategies For Monetizing BlogMy Profile

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