14 Types of Blog Posts That Will Boost Your Online Business

As a business, you know the importance of having an online presence. And you know having a blog is a big part of that.

But blogging for your business isn’t just about writing some words and making sure they get seen.

It’s the types of posts that you write that really matter. Blog posts that not only get you seen, but really position you as the expert you are.

Here are 14 types of blog that can really help to attract attention, increase your industry credibility and boost your business.

#1 “How to” Posts

People are always looking for advice or help for something. Consider your main audience. What types of information are they looking for most? Write as if you are talking to a complete beginner who knows nothing about your topic.

If you are aiming to attract those interested in beauty or clothes, write a how-to post about putting on makeup or choosing the right shoes. If you are selling a service such as car repair or plumbing, write a how-to post about DIY repair.

These are the pillar posts that are going to keep new readers searching and coming to your site long after it’s been published.

#2 News Posts

Writing about the latest industry news as it is happening is a great way to jump on the trending train. And sharing relevant and important industry news leads your audience to trust you, and encourages them to seek your expertise.

Depending on your industry, you may share breaking industry news or you may want to search for a connection between your product or service and a current news story. Adding in an interview with a key industry player or including a relevant audio or video clip can really boost your website views and your credibility.

#3 Interviews

Since we already mentioned interviews, let’s talk a little more about those for minute. Interviews are a great way to create intriguing and interest-gaining content, without really having to create any content. Pick an industry leader, someone people look up to in your niche. If you’re lucky, that person will most likely share the post on their own blog or social media networks, greatly increasing your exposure.

If you don’t know any leader or aren’t granted permission by anyone, start by interviewing customers. Loyal customers, or even new ones who have just found your business, can add an interesting and new perspective on things.

Interview posts can be presented as text, but can also be shared as a video or audio. The added bonus of doing it in one of the latter 2 ways? You get to break up the monotony of content posts and share information in a new way. This helps keep your blog fresh and interesting.

#4 Case Studies

Case studies are great because they can show your readers just how valuable your products or services are. These go further than a simple interview or testimonial can by adding in real-life examples that demonstrate just how you have satisfied your customers’ needs.

In order to make a case study that really shines, feature someone that your ideal customer can easily relate to. The person should be real, but likeable. Someone that others read about and say “I’m just like that!” You also want to tell your story from beginning to end, and include real numbers and stats to back up your claims.

#5 Staff Feature

Turn the spotlight on those behinds the scenes, and boost your relationship with your readers. Giving readers a glimpse into the more private aspects of your business helps build trust; and consumers choose businesses that they trust over those they do not.

Want to make your staff feature even more interesting? Change things up by letting a staff member or even a vendor write the blog post as a guest author. You can also play around with the best format for your staff feature. You can conduct an interview and upload the audio or video for example.

#6 Product/Service Feature

This type of blog post is great for businesses that have a particular product or service that seems to garner more questions than others. For these situations, a blog post can work wonders.

You can use your blog to explain your product, or talk about how to use it correctly. For visual learners, you may want to add a video demonstration of how it works. Talking about a service’s many features can really help increase your sales.

 #7 Frequently Asked Questions Posts

Similar to a FAQ website page, these posts aim to answer your customers’ most commonly asked questions. They can be focused on a single product or service, or on your business as a whole.

The thing to remember with a FAQ post is that you want to write about questions really are frequently asked. Think of the questions your customer services gets asked the most. Or poll actual customers to find out the information that they have been wanting to know. If you must make up the questions, search online for similar products or businesses and take a look at their FAQs to find out what consumers really want to know.

#8 Should Ask Questions Posts

Along the same lines as the previous post type, these are the questions you think your audience should be asking. You, as the bona fide industry expert (or at least this is what you want your readers to think, right?) should have a list of information you think your ideal customer should know about your products, services or business.

You may be wondering how these differ from the FAQs. The thing is, the most-asked questions aren’t always the ones that are the most important. The reason for this is that consumers are just that, consumers. They ask what they want to know, but often don’t understand that there may be more. This is where you come in. Your Should Ask Questions post can present your industry expertise and give audience added information that they didn’t know they needed to know.

#9 Resources or Reviews Post

This type of post can fit any industry, but you have to make it fit. What information is your audience constantly looking for? Are they websites, books, products, other experts that you can recommend to help boost your readers’ knowledge?

In this type of post, you can recommend some key resources that your readers will really benefit from. To make your readers’ experience even better, explain why you are recommending these resources and even share how you use these things.

#10 Checklists, Cheat Sheets, To-Do’s

People love information. They also love things that make their lives easier. Things like checklists, cheat sheets, to-do lists and other types of lists make great blog posts because they accomplish both these things. These posts are similar to how to posts, but take on a slightly different form.

Want to make it even better for your readers? Add a printable pdf of your list. Make sure that it’s sharable by adding social media buttons on your post and asking readers to like or pin it. Make it as easy as possible for readers to share it and watch it spread, leading new readers back to your business blog. Don’t forget to add your site URL on the pdf for those who stumble across the printable on other sites. You want to lead as much business back to you as possible.

#11 Problems and Solutions Posts

Problems and solutions posts; it’s a combination of FAQs and how-to posts. Think about the problems your audience faces most, and offer a logical solution. This doesn’t have to be a solution that has already been tested. It can be a theoretical solution to a real problem, something that will cause your audience to consider and think.

One great way to do this is to describe a problem; one that is common in your niche. Then give a number of possible solutions that your audience may consider trying. By offering more than one type of solution, this allows you to solve the issue for many different people.

#12 Compare and Contrast Posts

Similar to the previous post type, a comparison post suggests a problem and offers different solutions to the problem. But here’s where it differs from a problem and solution type of post. Instead of merely listing the solutions, you will compare and contrast the possible solutions to one another.

You will most likely choose a solution that you feel is best, pointing out a clear winner at the end of your post. Choose aspects that you can compare against each other: benefits, drawbacks, features, etc.

#13 The “Best” Posts

Readers love the word best. They are always looking for the best. The “best way to…” or the “best type of…” When people go online to research or find something, of course they want to find the best of whatever it is they need. So of course the word “best” is often plugged in to the search engine box.

Think of what your audience is searching for, what type of information they need. Use this to form blog titles and content. Use key phrases in your title that you know your main audience will be searching for. Making sure your post hits those keywords and phrases that people are searching for will raise your traffic and help raise your credibility in your industry.

#14 Ask the Readers Posts

These posts don’t really require much content on your part. But they do require interaction. Pose a question to your readers; one that will make them think. Naturally, it should be related to your niche and is also hopefully something you really want to know the answer to. You may even want to use this type of post for research. Depending on your question, you can find out information readers want to know or what type of products they are hoping for.

To make an “ask the readers” post successful, you need to interact. Respond to your comments, both good and bad. Remember, no matter what answers you get, they are what your readers are thinking and looking for.

Your blog is a great way to keep your content fresh, continually bringing back current readers and attracting new ones. By focusing your posts on information that people want to know and things they are already searching for, you can really boost your site traffic and increase your authority. Choose any of these 14 types of blog post to boost your business using just your blog.



  1. Great stuff Corrine. I’ve done all of these and one more. I like to call it my “fussing” post, where I find something I’ve read that I want to fuss about (a big thing for me is coming across posts that are either direct copies of something everyone else has written or someone who’s saying something I think is totally off the mark), listing their points and giving counterpoints against them. It’s another way to show one’s expertise or beliefs and, because there’s so much fodder out there, easy to get ideas to write about.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Figuring Out When It’s Time To Let GoMy Profile

  2. Hello Corinne,

    This is very informative post as I learned something new. Basically “how-to” posts are popular and tend to do better in search results. Will surely consider writing other posts too,.

    Osho Garg recently posted…iFoneTips – Your Private Apple SpecialistMy Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Osho!
      Sorry for the late response, this got lost in spam! I completely agree, how-to posts do very well, but I do think it’s a good idea to mix it up once… in awhile. As long as your the post is valuable 🙂

  3. Hello, Corinne!

    Excellent list you shared with us; these truly are the good ideas to not have your writing machine exhausted ever. 🙂

    “How To’s” posts are the best to do but these are often ended up on the technical side and may not suit to everyone to have them keep coming.

    Well, I did one type of the post for the first time and it was a roundup post.

    I reached to many great bloggers to ask them one question and compiled everyone’s responses in one single post.

    It did skyrocket my traffic and the social sharing, and was loved by the mass! 🙂

    So, thank you for having it written for us; they are truly the effective ideas.

    ~ Adeel
    Adeel Sami recently posted…51 Bloggers Finally Revealed their Successive Blog Posting ScheduleMy Profile

  4. Hi Corinne,

    I have just found your blog through @NotNowMomsBusy Facebook post share. That’s a really interesting read. I’m myself a professional blogger and it’ll be very useful for planning my future blog post ideas.
    Mahesh Kumar recently posted…Tips to Develop Touch Typing SkillsMy Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Mahesh!
      Thanks for stopping by! I love Cori and her site, and I appreciate you venturing over here from her post.
      I’m glad you found some useful tips in the post.

      Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Corinne,
    Thanks for these ideas !
    I have already tried some of these strategies to boost my traffic and Found “How to” Posts and Problems or Solutions Posts are really effective because their readers are in search of knowledge in urgent to solved their problems or to learn something new. Glad to know these strategies Have a good day !

    ~ Junaid
    Junaid Shahid recently posted…How To Run Blogging Business & Make MoneyMy Profile

  6. Hi Corinne,

    Love these ideas. I’ve tried some of these like featured interviews, how-to posts and ‘best of’ and they work really well. The one that was new to me is #5 and I love the idea of giving a shout out to the ones who helps us behind the scenes. It takes a village. 🙂

    Passing this one along gf. Have a great day and week!

    Cori Ramos recently posted…Come and Meet The Work-at-Home WifeMy Profile

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