Is Your Website User-Friendly?

user friendly website, image by Stuart Miles on freedigitalphotos.netHaving a user-friendly site is a big deal. The usability of your website makes a huge difference in the amount of traffic you get, if those readers decide to come back and how quickly people bounce away from your site.

If you took a look at your site right now, would you say it’s user-friendly? Is your menu easy to find and easy to read? Is all the content spaced out well enough that everything is readable? If you think some changes could be made, here are some tips on making your site user-friendly.

When it comes to navigation, simple is best. Your website navigation should follow 3 principles: simplicity, clarity and logic. This means it should be clear, easy to understand and follow and structured in a way that makes sense. Basically, make things as easy as possible for visitors to find their way around and you’re golden.

Make your contact info stand out. For business websites, it’s important for your contact information to be at the forefront. Nothing irks me more than when I’m trying to email a business and I can’t find any contact info. Don’t they want business? Make it easy for readers who what to get in touch with you. Also, showing off your contact info helps prove to consumers that you’re legit.

Make your site purty. As in make it attractive. I’m not saying to clutter up your site. Adding too much glitz will detract from your usability. But, you do want to fancy it up just a little. People are much more likely to spend more time on a site that is visually appealing. Choose complimentary colors, have a nice logo. Small things really make a difference here.

Keep an eye on load times. If your site takes too long to load, some visitors may turn and leave. Not all of them, but some will. Online viewers are impatient. They want their information fast. Make sure you have enough bandwidth to ensure fast loading times. Install a caching plugin that will help increase load speed or a compressing plugins that will compress your files and make your site faster.


Making sure your website is user-friendly can really help increase your traffic and your business. With these tips in mind, take a closer look at your site. Is it user-friendly? If not, some simple changes can make a huge difference.