Private Coaching Packages

They fight all the time! I can't take the lying! Why can't they just listen?! I'm tired of the tantrums!

Kids can be frustrating, can't they?

I mean, you're an amazing parent with equally amazing kids, but sometimes ... Things aren't so amazing.

Kids don't always listen, they throw tantrums, they pitch fits. They fight, they argue.

Usually with no logical reason that you can see.

I know... you've tried it all. Time outs, grounding, taking away things, behavior charts, lists. If it's just not working, don't give up hope!

This is where I come in.

(Here I am!)






Working with children is something I've always loved to do, something I am called to do.

To be honest, it's something I didn't think much of. Understanding kids, especially highly sensitive ones, was something that just came naturally to me.

It wasn't until I did a lot of soul searching and inner healing that I finally realized that the thing that came easiest to me was the thing I was meant to help others with.

So if you feel like you've been struggling with understanding why your kids do certain things, or how to manage certain behavior...I'd love to hear from you.

Ways to work with me:

Emergency session 60-minute call

This is a quick and dirty, one-time call. We'll take your biggest parenting struggle and take a deeper look at just what might be the real cause. Because trust me, most of the time, negative behavior has nothing to do with the behavior itself.

You'll leave with a possible solution for your immediate struggle, tactics you can implement now, and a better understanding of your child.

This call is paid-in-advance.

Investment: $111

Get started here:

Click here for a single 60-minute session

Ongoing Coaching Package

The single call is just a quickie. This package is your 4-month long committed relationship.

This package is for you if you've tried it all. You've done the time outs, you've taken away things, maybe even tried spanking. Nothing is working and you're frustrated. You often feel like you're going to pull your hair out cause you're just not sure what to do anymore.

If you've worked with any type of coach before, this coaching package is a little different from what you're used to. Here's what you get:

1) 60-minute kick-off call

We'll get to know each other, talk about your kids and your current biggest struggles. We will get raw and honest about what out want for your family and what bugs you the most. This is your chance to get completely honest, admit things you've never said out loud before. I know it's scary, but it's your safe place to let things off your chest and not be judged. And it's when we admit what were feeling that we can put things into perspective, see what's really going on and finally change things.

2) 3 60-minute calls (one each month)

With a plan in place, we will move forward cover my 3 pillars of parenting:

1. Conquering your own mindset. Healing and mindset have become buzz words but they really are important. Unless you start to see your own patterns and understand why certain things your kids do drive you insane, you're going to continue to lose it. This is why we start by focusing on YOU, because when you're happier and calm, so is the rest of your family.

2. Understanding your child. Why does your child act they way he does? Why does he react to certain situations and in particular ways? The answers to these questions (and more) will give you an inside look into your child's mind and help you CONNECT better. With this understanding, you will be able to proactively handle situations, and even prevent them. Imagine: less tantrums, less tears, and less yelling. It's totally possible!

3. Finding rewards and discipline that fit each child. Each child is different. What works for one may not work for others. But once you understand your child, you can choose routines, rewards and consequences that make sense for your child. No more grasping at straws, hoping your latest idea to get a handle on the household will work. You will KNOW your ideas will work, and you find your home and family will run much smoother. Life will be easier and less stressful.

3) Unlimited support (yes, UNLIMITED!) via email or Voxer messaging

I want you to be able to reach out to me when you need me, not feel like you need to hold on to things you need to talk about until your next call. During our time together, I'm available via email or Voxer. I check in 3x per day, even on weekends.

At the end of this program, you will have significantly reduced the "bad behavior," the fighting, the tears in your household. Your family will be happier, more peaceful. You'll walk away with a better understanding of your children, and a better understanding of how you parent best.

Investment: $2,400 paid in full, or $650 per month


Together we will:

  • Uncover solutions to your biggest struggles that will WORK (and keep them from coming back!)
  • Look deeper into who you are as a parent, and get on you on a rock solid path to being super confident in your skills as a parent
  • Find a better way to communicate with your kids so they will actually hear what you are saying (no more being tuned out)
  • Understand what makes your kids act the way they do, and react to certain things, so you can take a proactive approach to parenting

and more!

Status: Currently accepting new clients.