Home Page Copy

Your Home page is often the first thing a new visitor reads on your website.

It needs to effectively convey your message, show off your voice and personality, and speak directly to your target reader.

All in just a short page of copy.

That’s a pretty heavy job for one page.

Wait … that’s a pretty heavy job for you!

Instead, let me help you with your Home page content.

"Corinne helped me write my home page for my website to promote my new book. It was so easy to communicate with her, and she understood what I needed perfectly. I love that I was able to give her some information, and she was able to do the additional research and come to conclusions of what should go on my site. The copy she wrote was goal-oriented and absolutely perfect on the first draft"

Rea Bachmann, author


  • A 60-minute call to get info on your business and get a feel of you. I want make sure I have your messaging and your voice DOWN!
  • Any research needed on your industry and your audience. I dig deep to find out what your target audience is looking for online, what they’re struggling with. I’ll use this info throughout your home page copy
  • Up to 500-words of copy
  • Includes up to 2 revisions

Your investment: $275

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