Goal Accountability Calls

Setting goals is one thing.

Sticking to them is another.

Sometimes we just need a little extra help.

Let me be that help with bi-weekly goal setting, virtual kick in the ass calls.

These calls are 30 minutes, every 2 weeks.

In each call, we will:

  • Figure out the next steps to move your business forward
  • Set 3 achievable goals for you to work on before the next call
  • Talk about anything that tripped you up or held you back over the last 2 weeks (plus get any coaching around it)
  • Pick you back up and raise your confidence so you can crush your goals

I'll hold you accountable and raise your confidence. Anyone who's had a coaching session with me knows I'm not going to sugarcoat anything or blow smoke up your ass. That's not my style. But I will be there to keep you on track and give you a pep talk if you need one.

The thing is, I know you can do it.

You know you can too.

Sometimes you just need a little reminder of how awesome you are and someone to make sure you stay on track.

These aren't going to be coaching calls, though if any roadblocks are coming up, I will do a bit of pep-talking and coaching to get you past them. Mainly they're to keep you on track and keep you motivated as hell!

Corinne is an angel! I was all mind-stuck and now I'm so confident. What a big pep talk she gave me! It was much-needed and really got me out of my funk. I'm back and better than ever!



Jenny Hale, JennyHale.com

Investment: Just $7 for 1st month!

*$59 recurring monthly payment after that, billed automatically

You can cancel anytime. (Really!) Just email me at info (at) corinnekerston (dot) com.

How does it work?

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