How to Come Up With Epic Blog Posts – 17 Experts Share Their Top Secrets

epic blog postsComing up with content is one thing.

Coming up with epic blog posts … that’s another.

What’s the difference?

Epic blog posts teach. They awe and inspire. They have the power to turn casual readers into big fans, and keep them coming back for more.

But it can be a daunting task.

Not only do you want your content seen and read, you want to make sure it’s something that leaves readers with a lasting impression.

Plus (let’s be real here), you want to write things that people share and share again.

So I posed the question to 17 experts: What is your best tip for coming up with epic blog post ideas?

Find out what they had to say.

Enstine Muki of

enstineIt’s often not easy to come up with an epic blog post. In the real sense of it, Epic means in-depth. It has to do with touching every aspect of the subject.

Epic is not necessarily long. Epic is answering every possible question around your subject. It’s about leaving no stone unturned. It’s making sure anyone that reads the post doesn’t leave with unanswered questions.

And I think the best tip to come up with an Epic blog post is to make sure you deal with every aspect of the topic. Ask every possible question and provide answers.

Use graphics, illustrations, statistics, quotes, etc.

Ryan Biddulph of Blogging From Paradise

ryan-bSeeing what people are struggling with is my basis for finding epic blog post ideas. Just yesterday I asked what my friends and followers were struggling with, blogging-wise. Then I created a post based on 10 tips for dealing with the problem. That’s ingredient #2. First, find the pain point. This connection creates the fire. Second, fan flames with a double figured theme blog post title. Readers love big numbers. Big promise. Also, numbers add order to the mind. Readers know exactly what they’re getting. Could be tips, tricks, techniques, strategies or reasons. Connect through addressing a pressing problem. Entice with a double figure themed title.

Adrian Jock of 

adrian-jock“Epic” is just a matter of perception.

You may say that a certain blog post is epic, while I may say that there’s nothing remarkable there. Or vice-versa.

So don’t look for magic formulas for coming up with epic blog post ideas.

You just need to match your newly created post with the right audience. Sorry for being so blunt, but even the crappiest product can amaze the right consumer.

Bonus tip: Keep learning. Solid background and knowledge plus a drop of creativity will help you extend the audience that will think that your post is epic.

Eli Seekins of Launch Your Dream

eliGreat and memorable blog posts aren’t made by luck or randomness. Creating good content takes strategy, hustle and patience. But first you need good ideas. The #1 key is to write down all of your ideas — even the crazy ones. It doesn’t matter how you do it — notepad, phone, napkin — whatever. Just make sure you do it. Me, I like to use sticky notes. There’s a wall of them in my office. I also keep a Google doc full of different blog post headlines. Then you have a pool of ideas to choose from whenever it’s time to write a new blog posts. Ideas come from all sorts of different places, you never know when a good one is going to pop up.

If you’re intentionally looking for a good idea for a new blog post, then the best place to check is with your tribe. No question about it. Find out what your audience wants to read. Ask them what they’re struggling with. Look back at your previous content to see what they liked best. What posts got the most shares and comments? What sort of comments have you received lately?

If you do those two things, you shouldn’t ever run out of great ideas. For even more tips, check out 61 Tips To Create Epic Content.

Michael Pozdnev of I Wanna Be a Blogger 

michael-pUsing a power of friendship with other bloggers.

Especially if you’re new to blogging it’s very important to get as much traffic as possible to your blog posts.

The best way to do it is to help other bloggers or experts.

To find your epic blog post idea study what other bloggers and experts are interested in, what posts they share. You can also find ideas in comments on experts’ posts. What questions does your target audience ask?

Create your content, do some research, mention in your content those who helped you (don’t forget links!) And then inform them that you published your post.

Look at the results you also can achieve: 1.7K social shares, 88 comments, 3,751 visitors – I got all that for my first blog post in which I analyzed SEO tricks used by online marketing experts.

Corina Ramos of Not Now Moms Busy

coriOne of the best places to look for blog post ideas is on Facebook, especially if you belong to a ‘blogger support’ Facebook group. Many new bloggers still have a lot of questions and often post them on those groups or leave a comment on our page in hopes someone will have the answer for them. It’s like a sea of blog posts ideas there!



Kristin Larson of Believe in a Budget

kristinSome of my best blog post ideas happen when I’m doing a brainstorm session with a few of my other favorite bloggers – it’s a great way to dig deep and bounce ideas off each other. I also like to take reader comments and questions and turn those into blog posts. Anything that can help solve a reader’s problem usually makes for a great blog post.



Brent Jones of Brent Jones Online

brent-jonesToo many bloggers think epic means long… a 10,000+ word definitive guide to abc or xyz, that sort of idea. The truth is that the most epic blog posts solve one single problem in a clear, concise and accurate way. There’s nothing more annoying than scouring the internet for a solution only to discover that all the available answers are outdated, convoluted, or inaccurate.

Take some time to research the problems your target reader has. Do this in forums, groups, communities, comment sections, polls, and so forth. And when you have narrowed down a really specific problem or question, offer a short, clear and concise solution — a better solution than any currently available online.

Krista Rae of

krista-raeMy best blog post topics have always come directly from my audience. When people signup for my email list, the first email they get from me asks what questions they have or what I can help them with. I take those answers and look at what questions pop up repeatedly. Those are the questions I break down into into steps and actionable advice to turn into an epic blog post! Since the original question came from my audience, it’s almost always a safe bet that the rest of my audience will love the information.


Amber Temerity of Embracing Temerity

amber-2My best tip for coming up with epic blog post ideas is to never tell yourself you HAVE to come up with epic blog post ideas; by keeping the pressure off, you allow yourself to be open to the creativity already within you. Oh, that and always (ALWAYS) have pen and paper with you – you never know when that idea will strike!



Minuca Elena of

minucaMy advice is to get to know your readers. Read the comments on your posts carefully, connect with your target audience on Facebook groups and Google+ communities. See what their concerns are, what they need and want to learn. Write quality content that helps them solve their problems. Test everything before writing it. Don’t be like an economics professor that teaches his students how to become rich but he is poor.

That is why you can’t write a post about how to get 30k twitter followers if you only have 6k that follow your Twitter account. Social proof is very important if you want to your readers to trust you.

Also, you should pay attention to your grammar and the format of your posts. You can use Grammarly for free to proofread your posts. Make your post easy to scan using bullets, bold text and subheadings. Add images and brand them with your logo and the title of the post. You can read more about what is the ideal structure of a blog post here.

Donna Merrill of Donna Merrill Tribe

An epic blog post should target exactly the types of readers you want.

Work backwards.

Carefully consider your conversion goal at the end of the process.

Let’s say you are trying to sell your $197 dog training video course.

Your end-game conversion goal is getting people to buy that course.

Now, you know you want your epic post to appeal to that crowd.

What sort of information or conversation is that crowd highly interested in?

It might be aggression, barking, digging holes etc.

For a regular article, I’d suggest you take just one of those problems and solve it in your post.

For instance, maybe write a blog post on how to stop your dog from barking.

But for an epic post, you’d want to hit your topic on all cylinders.

If I could identify 7 main problems to solve for my target audience (the people I want to buy my training course), I might write a blog post called something like “The 7 Biggest Dog Training Problems.”

Now, I will draw a lot of readers interested in exactly the topics I cover, the problems I solve, with my paid training.

If I can gain their trust with my epic post, I may well be able to convert them into buyers for my training course somewhere along the line.

If I wanted to write an additional epic post down the road, I could take any of those 7 dog training problems and build it into it’s own epic post.

This could go on repeatedly, for as often as you want to post epic posts to your blog.

James McAllister of Help Start My Site

james-mLook around the web to find out exactly the type of questions your target audience is having. Read blog comments on other articles, visit question and answer sites like Quora or Yahoo Answers, and stick around and participate in forums related to your niche.

Chances are if someone is taking the time to post a question on a specific topic, they’ve already done a Google search, and there isn’t a whole lot of information out there covering it. Or if there is, it wasn’t presented in a way that truly answered the person’s question.

By following this strategy, you can come up with a lot of topics with proven demand that haven’t already been covered by other bloggers in your space.”

Kelli Cooper of Life Made to Order   

kelliWhen it comes to creating content for my own blog, I find the thing that works best for me is letting my intuition guide me in coming up with blog posts–the ideas just pop in and the writing just seems to flow from there–and writing completely authentically. If people had a conversation with me, they would find I talk just like I write. From that space, I know people who resonate with my style and take on things will find great value in what I have written. Not everyone will resonate and we can’t be everything to everyone–I think realizing this allows us to be genuine and takes the pressure off of creating something ‘everyone’ will love.

I also don’t put pressure on myself to stick to a specific posting schedule no matter what or write at a specific time. And I have found this lack of pressure allows me to create content on a pretty consistent basis rather than make me ‘lazy,’ etc…If I start writing and it isn’t good, I don’t try to force it; if I don’t feel like writing, I don’t.

John Martin of Boost Your Audience

john-mUse Twitter to choose epic blog post ideas. First, here’s why, and then how to do this.

As experts we all want to say something new, better and different. We all love some topic and have learned some about it.

And within that topic, there are an unlimited number of ideas. Unbelievable? Just look at any successful magazine on the shelf. Same topic. Unlimited ideas that sell magazines.

Your idea’s success will always depend on just how much people WANT that problem solved.

It can be a challenge to get people to take time to answer surveys, though. And only a few may tell you what their most challenging problem is.

To be epic, you really want a few DOZEN people to vote on your idea. That’s where Twitter comes in.

Every day I spend just a few minutes skimming blog posts on my overall topic. If I find the post really useful, I don’t just click the share button, I copy/paste the tweet into my tweet scheduling tool. Of course, adding “via @author” (whoever the blog post author is) to the tweet.

Twitter is a noisy place, and you must tweet things multiple times – at different times of day – just to be seen. I let my scheduling tool (Social Jukebox) randomly schedule the tweets but I make sure tweets are only repeated after 2-3 weeks …no less.

Without fail, some of these tweets get way, way more likes, retweets and comments than others. It only takes a minute to check Twitter analytics to find this out.

My audience makes all of this successful.

I might follow BACK the person whose bio says they’re all about being a “bacon lover, zombie enthusiast” – if I don’t see their content is objectionable. But I would never follow that person if they weren’t following me first.

Every day (using a Twitter tool called Status Brew) I spend a few minutes following new businesses, entrepreneurs, marketing and social media people. Status Brew tells me who didn’t follow back after 5 days, so I simply unfollow them. Yet over 30% follow me back.

Because of this, I never have to worry which overall topic the vast majority of my followers wants. And I read my audience like a book to get epic ideas. (At least their likes, retweets and comments tell me a ton.)

You don’t really need a huge following to make this work. In fact, this method started working well for me with only a few hundred followers.

Once I see one of my tweets is really successful, I ask myself why. Why do people like this?

Then I make the effort to find similar articles and sources – the very best in the world on that idea – and work to simplify and update this content. At this point, I simply use the skyscraper technique that Brian Dean made famous.

I’ve tried other idea choosing methods and other social platforms. But for me, Twitter is by far the very best for selecting epic blog post ideas.

Mi Muba of Be a Money Blogger

mi-mubaThe epic post should be the most comprehensive one on a topic with your specialized take in it which you must get from extensive research and by putting your entire knowledge related to it. Never go for creating undue uniqueness in your post. Your audience needs a post that should be all-inclusive so much so that they need not go anywhere else to get something more on it.



Tor Refsland of Time Management Chef

torOne word: research.

Here are 3 quick tips what do research.

1. Find the top 5 blog posts of the top 10 most popular influencers in your niche.

2. Find the top 10 most popular blog posts on in your niche.

3. Google the top 10 blog posts in your niche.

Okay, you found it. So what do you do now?

Find out why those blog posts are popular, and how you can write a better blog post.

No magic. Just some good ol´ work.

Oh yes, the answers were wide and varied. If you need help wading through all this great advice, download my free workbook now to help you come up with epic blog posts ideas and write content that your readers are dying to read and share!

Yours FREE: "14 Killer Ways to Boost Your Visibility" So You Can Turn Your Business Into a Stand-out Player!

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  1. This is a great round-up Corinne! Thanks so much for asking me to share my thoughts. You have some of my favorite bloggers featured here and some new folks I wouldn’t mind connecting with.

    I enjoyed reading everyone’s responses.

    Happy small Friday!

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  2. Hi Corinne

    I highly appreciate your effort to compile expert opinion of so many awesome bloggers on how to create an epic post. Great contents play leading role to bring visitors and convert them. For this instead of writing average post daily it is good to create epic post weekly or fortnightly. In this way this post would help a lot.

    Thanks a lot for getting me in this discussion and so glad to be in the list with so many amazing online marketers and bloggers.
    Have a great rest of the week.
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  3. Hi Corinne,

    Great post! All great ideas but I think my favorite advice is from Tor, it’s clear, easy to follow, and easy to take action on. I am currently in the process of building epic content that will attract my ideal clients, so these tips really help! Overall, I think the main vibe I got from this was to focus on what your audience wants and then create epic content from there.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Melanie Kernodle recently posted…How to Generate 50+ Ideas for Your Business BlogMy Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Melanie,
      I totally agree: find out what your audience really wants to read, and research and write the heck out of it!

  4. Hi Corinne,

    Thanks a bunch for including me. I really appreciate it!

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  5. Wonderful share I guess. These posts are really epic and very useful, and to my surprise I haven’t checked any of them yet.

    Will surely check all of them now.
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  6. Hi Corinne,

    Wow what a great group of people giving such great advice. I thank you so much for asking me to be part of this group. There are so many tips here I can use myself. What a great experience!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Workspace Design For BloggersMy Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Thank YOU Donna! I love reading what other people do, and how they get inspiration. It’s really helpful

  7. Hey Corinne,

    Great roundup!

    There’s lots of good tips here. It seems like research and communicating with your audience are both common themes.

    Thanks for having me.

  8. Hey Corrine,

    Great round up post. I agree wit what Brent Jones had to say. Solve one problem. As simple as it may seems, you can come go well into detail when hitting every nook and cranny that will defintely build a great following!

    Thanks for putting this together!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…What If You Can Only Blog Once A Month?My Profile

  9. Awesome roundup, Corinne! I love reading everyone’s tips. Just gives me that many more ideas for myself. 🙂

    Bren Pace recently posted…3 Things To Do When You Get The Blogging “Blues”My Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Bren,
      Yes! I love posts like these because it really gives you some tactics that you might never have thought of.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Awesome folks on the list Corinne and I’m glad to be part of the “ad hoc committee”.
    There is always something to learn from others. Going through their contributions sparks off new lights in me.

    I see a few bloggers on your list I’m not fully connected with. A fantastic opportunity for me to grow in relationship.
    What a wonderful experience.

    Once more, thanks for making it awesomely awesome.
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Make Money Blogging ~ 15 Top Bloggers reveal their secrets!My Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Hey Enstine,
      You are the king of connecting!
      And yes! it’s so good to see what works for others, even when you have your own system. You never know what you will learn right?

  11. Hi Corinne,

    Thanks for inviting me to contribute to your post!

    I love Donna’s advice. This is something that I am struggling too, writing posts on topics that will attract potential clients. It’s something that I see frequent in the blogging niche. We write posts that are read by newbies and then launch products or services for which we need high paying bloggers.
    Minuca recently posted…Pinterest Marketing – 20 Pinterest Marketing Tips And StrategiesMy Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Minuca,
      you make a good point, and I don’t necessarily think there’s anything wrong with attracting a newer blogging audience and creating products just for them. My latest course is on setting up and launching a blog. Super newbie stuff. But I felt so many people weren’t sure of exactly what to do.

      As far as price points, I understand newer bloggers may not have the funds to invest in $1000-2000 programs. And I’m okay with that. Because I think of myself and what I would have wanted as a new blogger. No way would I have invested that kind of money, because I couldn’t! And money always played a big factor in deciding whether or not I could buy a program. I know I’m not alone in this thinking.

      Thanks for participating and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  12. Hi Corinne
    Thanks for asking me to participate. Such great advice from some great bloggers. I am familiar with many but I see some faces new to me so looking forward to checking out their sites.
    kelli recently posted…Law of Attraction: How Do People Manifest ‘Good’ Things While Being ‘Negative?’My Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Thanks for participating Kelli! I really love what you said about following your intuition. I do feel that if we just listen, the universe helps guide us to what’s right 🙂

  13. Hi Corinne,

    Super ideas! Love ’em all. I dig Kelli’s idea. Not just because she cooks my dinners 😉 Besides, I handle the dishes. Anyway, I let my Inner Guide lead me through most of what I do. So much easier that way. Then, I may attract one of these awesome ideas from above. Or another idea. Then epic-ness can begin. But letting your intuition guide you really is key. Get the inner world clear and MAGIC follows! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…10 Blogging Limiting Beliefs You Must Kill to SucceedMy Profile

    • Corinne says:

      I totally agree with your Ryan -except Kelli doesn’t cook my dinners 😉 I find my best post ideas come when I’m not trying to think of a post idea. Like when I’m trying to fall asleep. So many times I jump out of bed to write something down. My husband doesn’t even bat an eye anymore. Like this is normal for me.

      Thanks for participating!

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