Why Your Own Child Makes You Feel Uncomfortable

This is something that isn’t typically addressed. Because it’s not something people like to admit. But I’ll admit it because it needs to be talked about. My daughter used to trigger me. Honestly, it took me awhile to realize it. And I will spend a lifetime feeling guilty because of it. You see, my daughterRead More

What Your Inner Child Has to Do With Your Business

We’ve all heard of the inner child. That undying need to play and have fun, even when we sometimes shouldn’t. But the inner child is more than that. Your inner child is how you view the world.  As a child, you learned things,  either from your parents, family or outside stimuli like TV or movies,Read More

Are You Your Own Worst Boss?

Have you ever had a boss that was just a straight-up asshole? Of course you have. Most of us that have worked in a “real-world” job has had the unfortunate experience of working for someone who just really sucked. And while we all have horror stories to share, maybe even compete against each other with;Read More