How to Raise Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is something I have struggled with. It’s something my daughter has struggled with. And while it’s had to go through, it’s even harder to watch as a parent. When our kids are unsure, stay quiet when things bother them, hold things in…it hurts to watch as a parent. Because we know how great theyRead More

Interview With Self-Love Mentor Raewyn Sangari

Working on your own business can be hard and totally time-consuming. Sometimes we forget about ourselves. I know I’m guilty of this! I want to introduce you all to Raewyn. We met awhile back in a group and her energy and outlook are amazing! Get to know her, join her community, learn to make YOURead More

How to Beat Your Self-Doubt and Move on With Determination

As children, many of us had some lofty dreams. While some of us wanted to be doctors, teachers, pro athletes or train conductors; there were others of us who dreamed of one day being princesses or Rulers of the Universe. And while “crowned fairy princess, queen of the butterfly people” wasn’t quite a realistic option,Read More

What Your Inner Child Has to Do With Your Business

We’ve all heard of the inner child. That undying need to play and have fun, even when we sometimes shouldn’t. But the inner child is more than that. Your inner child is how you view the world.  As a child, you learned things,  either from your parents, family or outside stimuli like TV or movies,Read More

How to Overcome Your Fear of Selling

Does bringing up your product or service to a potential client freak you out? You know your idea is great, and many people could benefit from it, but the idea of mentioning your stuff makes you feel uneasy. Maybe closing the sale is hard for you. Maybe you’re afraid to sound too promotional, too salesy.Read More

Are You Your Own Worst Boss?

Have you ever had a boss that was just a straight-up asshole? Of course you have. Most of us that have worked in a “real-world” job has had the unfortunate experience of working for someone who just really sucked. And while we all have horror stories to share, maybe even compete against each other with;Read More