20 of the Best Blogger Collaboration Ideas to Boost Your Blog

blog collaboration ideasLast week we covered why you need blogging friends, how to build your tribe and briefly mentioned blogger collaboration ideas.
But I want to go even deeper into blogger collaboration.
Because this is exactly how you’re going to get your blog to succeed.
You can’t go it alone. While blogging is a solo project, promoting and getting your shit as far and wide as possible is not. Well, at least it shouldn’t be.

Benefits of Blog Collaborations

In fact, blogging collaboration had so many  benefits. Among them are:

  • Traffic. I mean like, duh. We all want more traffic.
  • Recognition. When you collaborate with a blogger who is recognized, you in turn get recognized. Ya feel me?
  • Authority. Collaborating with another blogger shows that you are authoritative and trusted enough to collaborate with
  • Expanded reach. And yes ,  one good collaboration can open the gates for more. after all, someone trusted you and it went well. In theory, it should go well again.
  • Additional income. Some collabs can even  bring in extra money. Combining  products and services is such an appealing thing.

Blogger Collaboration Ideas

There are many different types of blog collaborations.  Some will bring you traffic, some recognition, some additional income. And if you’ve built up your blogger tribe, you’re  in a good place to reach out and work with other bloggers. Here are 20 blogger collaboration ideas to get you started.

#1 Guest posts. Probably the most mentioned type of blogger collaboration. Trade guest posts with another blogger with a similar audience to grow both of your readerships.

**If you need help landing a guest post that will actually get you ahead in your blogging career, check out my mini-course Rock Your Blogger Outreach and Land Your First Guest Post

#2 Expert roundup posts. I love these. They feature multiple bloggers that you regard as experts. you feature them, they help you share the post.

#3 Interviews. Know some bloggers who have done what your readers want to do? interview them and share their story. It can be done in text, audio or video.

#4 Giveaways. These have the power to bring you tons of subscribers and blog traffic. team up with other bloggers to offer a giveaway for products, services, coaching, etc. Make sure your prize is something your target reader really wants so you can attract the right people.

#5 Reviews. Got a book, course, planner, whatever? team up with someone else who something for sale and trade reviews. Don’t have anything yourself? You can still do reviews for other bloggers. Sign  up for their affiliate programs, let them know you did a review so they can help share the post, the opportunities are great.

#6 Affiliates. Sign up to be an affiliate for other bloggers’ programs or products. You help promote them, and make some money in the process. If you have your own products, have an affiliate program so other bloggers can return the favor.

#7 Challenges or contest. Get together and create an awesome challenge where participants take an action a day towards one goal. Share it both of your audiences for greater exposure.

#8 Social chats. Ever participated in a Twitter chat? With more than one host, you have a greater chance or reaching more people. plus it helps keep the convo going.

#9 Facebook group. I’ve seen a few Facebook groups with multiple hosts lately. And it’s brilliant!

#10 Group office hours.  Already have your own group? Have someone who is considered an expert come into your group and hold office hours to answer questions and offer additional value for your members.

#11 Podcasts. Have guests on yours, get featured on others, or team up and create a brand new one.

#12 Webinars. These rose in popularity and are still highly effective. Join forces with someone who teaches something that fits well with your own blog mission and give your audience a great lesson. you can tag team products too, and create a bundle that has tons of value.

#13 Book or eBook. Co-author a book or eBook and create something you can both make money on.

#14 Courses. similar to a webinar or book. Get together and pool your expertise and create a full course.

#15 Workshops. These can be in-person or online. One day or a series. Kinda like a webinar on steroids.

#16 Membership sites. Create something exclusive. Members only, and not the jackets. You can both add new videos, workbooks or products each month to make the membership worth their while.

#17 Physical products. Create something, anything. Both of you promote it. Double the power of awesome.

#18 Subscription services. this can be physical or digital, like subscription boxes or emailing new stuff on a regular basis.

#19 A new blog. I’ve seen a few collab blogs do really well. Come together, think of a new idea and kill it!

#20 Coaching program. Can your own coaching expertise complement someone else’s? Create a brand new program together.

Collaborating with another blogger is a great way to get noticed, get readers and boost both your blogs.
Have any other blogger collaboration ideas that weren’t mentioned? Leave a comment and let me know!
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  1. Awesome ideas and extensive list! Thanks!

  2. Awesome hands-on tips. Loved it very much. And I have done the first 9 out of 20. Will try to do the rest in near future.

  3. Awesome piece Corinne! Thanks for sharing these tips! However, I want to know what is your take on writing emails to bloggers for your guest post application with a casual tone (e.g. using emoji)?

  4. I will definitely be taking these tips! I will probably be doing a giveaway very soon because I have seen its effect (:

    Isaly Holland

    • Corinne says:

      Yes! Giveaways can bring in a lot of traffic and a lot of subscribers or social followers. Just make sure your prize is specific enough that only your target audience will want it. Yes, a general prize can bring in a lot more entries, but most of them will just end up leaving once the giveaway is over. You don’t want that! you want them to stick around long after they prize has been given out

  5. Hi Corinne,

    Thanks for sharing this amazing blogger collaboration ideas, I am impressed with these insane advise and like to implement the reviews, guest post, roundups and interviews.
    Can you tell me more how to start roundups?
    Have a Good day!
    Junaid Shahid recently posted…Informal Language In Business Communication SkillsMy Profile


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