5 Things You Should Never Say To The Parent Of A Highly Sensitive Child

Note: This is a guest post by Erica Johnson of Inner Parents. Being a parent, it is your job to guide your children in becoming well rounded adults in society. But while you’re doing the best that you can, your children still have minds of their own. Sometimes the way you think your child willRead More

How to Deal With a Bossy Child

I have a bossy child. My daughter has always been the dominant one over her brother, because well, he’s her younger brother. But we witnessed first-hand the way she speaks to her friends. Recently we celebrated her 10th birthday with a beach party, and some of her classmates came. And while they played fine, my husband overheardRead More

Working With the Nutritional Needs of Highly Sensitive Children

Note: This is a guest post written by Mary Tate When it comes to highly sensitive children, it’s extremely important to remember their nutritional needs.  Like many children, food can trigger problems with health and behavior in highly sensitive children. Here are some things you can do to address the nutritional needs of highly sensitiveRead More

Why Your Own Child Makes You Feel Uncomfortable

This is something that isn’t typically addressed. Because it’s not something people like to admit. But I’ll admit it because it needs to be talked about. My daughter used to trigger me. Honestly, it took me awhile to realize it. And I will spend a lifetime feeling guilty because of it. You see, my daughterRead More

How to Calm a Tantrum

You’ve been there. We all have. Something sets your kid off and next thing you know, they’re having a full blown tantrum. They’re throwing themselves on the ground. There’s screaming, there’s tears … and not just from the child. When they’re in the midst of a tantrum, they can be inconsolable…no matter where you are.Read More

Why Your Child Doesn’t Listen and What You Can Do About It

This is a fairly common complaint. Whether you have a highly sensitive child or not, kids just don’t always listen. And it’s frustrating. But if we dissect not listening,  in most cases what we really mean is that our kids aren’t doing what we want them to do. And that presents the problem. Because highly sensitiveRead More

What Exactly is a Highly Sensitive Child?

If you don’t identify as empathic or highly sensitive, the phrase may sound vague to you. Maybe even like it’s a catch all. So what exactly is a highly sensitive child? Is it just another buzz phrase? While I think there many qualities that could be considered that of a highly sensitive child, here are some thatRead More

What Not to Do When You Start Your Online Business

Many of us pick entrepreneurship because it sounds like a dream come true. Maybe you want more flexibility for you and your family. Or maybe the corporate world isn’t the right fit for you because it just doesn’t “get” your genius. Or maybe you genuinely want to change the world. The reality is, online business-ingRead More

Interview with Book and Story Blogger Lilly Moore

Time for a change of pace! Today’s interview is with Lilly Moore, who writes about some pretty cool stuff like books, writing and education … and some pretty epic Harry Potter things thrown in there. If you know me personally, you know I’m a Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling fan. So what’s not to love?Read More

Interview With Self-Love Mentor Raewyn Sangari

Working on your own business can be hard and totally time-consuming. Sometimes we forget about ourselves. I know I’m guilty of this! I want to introduce you all to Raewyn. We met awhile back in a group and her energy and outlook are amazing! Get to know her, join her community, learn to make YOURead More