3 Tools to Master Your Competitor Keyword Research

competitor-keyword-researchHave you ever wondered why other blogs in your niche seem to get much more Google love than your blog?

Do they have some magic formula for coming up with keywords?

Well, instead of trying to figure it all out, why not take a look at the keywords those blogs are actually using and ranking for?

I’m talking about doing competitor keyword research.

First of all, why spend the time figuring out the keywords other bloggers are using?

The most obvious answer is to start using them yourself!

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Want More Blog Traffic? Start Doing This!


**note: This is a guest post by Tracey Gayner. Take it away Tracey!

There is something that ALL bloggers and marketers have in common… and that’s the need for more blog traffic.

Whether you are thinking about starting a blog, have a blog already or have been blogging for a while now, your content  thrives on being read!

When we start blogging there is a lot to learn. For example, we need to know:

  • how to host a blog
  • how to post content to our blog
  • how to effectively promote ourselves through our Social Media platforms

And yes, we already know how to use some aspects of social media for our everyday personal use. We might surf through to find out what our family and friends are posting, what they like and dislike, events in their lives, and what’s happening day to day.

But using social media as a promotional tool is very different than using it for personal use. In fact, it’s often quite difficult and stressful.

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6 Reasons You Aren’t Getting More Blog Readers

more-blog-readersDo you ever feel like your blog just isn’t getting traffic?

You know you have great content, but you’re struggling to get consistent blog readers.

Well, there may be a reason you’re not getting those blog readers you deserve.

Any of these reasons could be turning blog readers off from reading your posts or keeping them from coming back for more. Here are 6 reasons you might not be getting traffic, and some simple changes you can make to get more blog readers.

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Are Your Blogging Goals Realistic?

blogging goalsYou entered blogging with some lofty goals.

Maybe you wanted to become a go-to expert in your niche.

Or maybe you wanted to make a full time income with your blog.

After all, there are people just killing it out there. If they can do it, why can’t you?

But here’s the thing.

Have you ever really looked at what’s behind those success stories?

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3 Creative Ways to Promote Your Blog With Social Media

promote with social media**note: this is a guest post by Samantha Bresnahan of Sam Bres Social

Finding ways to promote your blog can be tough, especially when what you are already doing isn’t working. I’m about to share with you 3 creative ways to promote your blog with social media that will help bring back that spark of motivation, grow your blog, and build a loyal following!

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Just How Much Content Do You Need to Launch a Blog?

launch a blogYou know you need content before you launch your blog.

No, you know you need great content.

But how much content? That, you’re not quite sure.

Do you continue building up a library of posts even before you’re live? Or can you throw a few posts up and build as you go?

So how many posts do you need to launch your blog?

The answer: Probably not as much as you think.

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Why Blog Branding is Essential for Building a Visible Blog

blog-brandingYou may be thinking, why does my blog need a brand? Isn’t that for large, well-known companies?

Nope. A brand isn’t just a recognizable name or a logo. Check out this quote:

“A brand is not just a logo, it’s the overall impression and experience you give to your audience and customers. You’re brand expresses your value you provide. It’s you.” – Amy Locurto

Your brand is your overall image. And it’s this image that will represent your blog and become instantly recognizable to readers, even when they’re not on your blog. It’s how you show yourself to the world.

And you know what I mean. Think of your favorite bloggers. You’ve come to know what their site looks like, what types of images they use, the colors they use. If you saw an image on Pinterest from them, you’d immediately know it came from their blog.

It’s because their brand is on point. All the elements of their website work together to create one overall picture that represents them.

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How to Come Up With Epic Blog Posts – 17 Experts Share Their Top Secrets

epic blog postsComing up with content is one thing.

Coming up with epic blog posts … that’s another.

What’s the difference?

Epic blog posts teach. They awe and inspire. They have the power to turn casual readers into big fans, and keep them coming back for more.

But it can be a daunting task.

Not only do you want your content seen and read, you want to make sure it’s something that leaves readers with a lasting impression.

Plus (let’s be real here), you want to write things that people share and share again.

So I posed the question to 17 experts: What is your best tip for coming up with epic blog post ideas?

Find out what they had to say.

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10 Things You Absolutely Need to Have Before Launching Your Blog

launcing a blogNiche? Website? Theme? Content?

After reading everything you could find about starting a blog, you’ve left your computer feeling more confused than ever.

Do you really need all these things for your blog?

What really matters when it comes to setting up and getting your blog officially launched?

Probably not as much as you think.

Here are 10 things you absolutely need to have before launching a blog.

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Why Finding a Blog Niche is the #1 Thing You Can Do For Your Blog

finding a blog nicheYou’ve heard it before.

You need to have a niche.

But what you may not understand is WHY you need one. Or just how important finding a blog niche really is.

Because picking your niche is about more than just passion.  Sure you want something you, and your target readers are interested in.

Because if no one cares, then no one is reading.

Why do you need a niche? If no one cares, then no one is reading.Click To Tweet

But that’s not the real reason why you need to pick a niche.

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