Just How Much Content Do You Need to Launch a Blog?

launch a blogYou know you need content before you launch your blog.

No, you know you need great content.

But how much content? That, you’re not quite sure.

Do you continue building up a library of posts even before you’re live? Or can you throw a few posts up and build as you go?

So how many posts do you need to launch your blog?

The answer: Probably not as much as you think.

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Why Blog Branding is Essential for Building a Visible Blog

blog-brandingYou may be thinking, why does my blog need a brand? Isn’t that for large, well-known companies?

Nope. A brand isn’t just a recognizable name or a logo. Check out this quote:

“A brand is not just a logo, it’s the overall impression and experience you give to your audience and customers. You’re brand expresses your value you provide. It’s you.” – Amy Locurto

Your brand is your overall image. And it’s this image that will represent your blog and become instantly recognizable to readers, even when they’re not on your blog. It’s how you show yourself to the world.

And you know what I mean. Think of your favorite bloggers. You’ve come to know what their site looks like, what types of images they use, the colors they use. If you saw an image on Pinterest from them, you’d immediately know it came from their blog.

It’s because their brand is on point. All the elements of their website work together to create one overall picture that represents them.

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How to Come Up With Epic Blog Posts – 17 Experts Share Their Top Secrets

epic blog postsComing up with content is one thing.

Coming up with epic blog posts … that’s another.

What’s the difference?

Epic blog posts teach. They awe and inspire. They have the power to turn casual readers into big fans, and keep them coming back for more.

But it can be a daunting task.

Not only do you want your content seen and read, you want to make sure it’s something that leaves readers with a lasting impression.

Plus (let’s be real here), you want to write things that people share and share again.

So I posed the question to 17 experts: What is your best tip for coming up with epic blog post ideas?

Find out what they had to say.

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10 Things You Absolutely Need to Have Before Launching Your Blog

launcing a blogNiche? Website? Theme? Content?

After reading everything you could find about starting a blog, you’ve left your computer feeling more confused than ever.

Do you really need all these things for your blog?

What really matters when it comes to setting up and getting your blog officially launched?

Probably not as much as you think.

Here are 10 things you absolutely need to have before launching a blog.

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Why Finding a Blog Niche is the #1 Thing You Can Do For Your Blog

finding a blog nicheYou’ve heard it before.

You need to have a niche.

But what you may not understand is WHY you need one. Or just how important finding a blog niche really is.

Because picking your niche is about more than just passion.  Sure you want something you, and your target readers are interested in.

Because if no one cares, then no one is reading.

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But that’s not the real reason why you need to pick a niche.

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What the Most Successful Blogs in the World Have in Common

most successful blogsThere are blogs.  And there are truly successful blogs.

The blogs written by the best bloggers that everyone seems to want to be like. The ones with the blog posts that get read the most and shared more than others.

But what makes them successful bloggers? What makes a truly successful blog?

I struggled with this for years. I guess I couldn’t really figure it out. I was posting consistently and sharing and interacting and social-ing.

But it’s actually not a secret. It comes down to content. Because blogging is all about the content right?

But it’s more than that.

The content of the most successful blogs all have certain things in common. Things that make them stand out. Here are 5 things all successful blogs have in common.

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5 Easy Ways to Generate Topics for Your Blog

ways to generate topics**note: This is a guest post from Monica Miller, Visibility Expert and Content Strategist, and the owner of Monica Writes. When it comes to content, Monica knows her stuff! 

You want to begin blogging, but you might be thinking, “I have no idea what I want to blog about!” or “I have too much to say!” or “I don’t know what to even begin with!” You have unique abilities and topics that you want to share, but starting on this journey may seem daunting or overwhelming because coming up with what to write about is scary!

I want to let you in on a little secret: It’s not hard to come up with content or even finding topics to write about. I am going to give you five different ways to become a content generating machine that it’s so easy, you’ll be surprised! I encourage you to take time today or this week to explore different ways on how your blogs can have the best of both worlds: plenty of content and organization.

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What Do You Really Want From Your Blog?

blogging goalsI’ve been thinking about this lately, and I think I’ve had it all wrong.

I mean, I knew what I wanted to blog about. I knew that helping people get super clear on their own value and niche is what I’m passionate about.

And from the very beginning, I always knew I wanted to turn my blog into something that brought in money. Because that would be what would allow me to stay at home with my kids, and that was so important for me and my husband.

In fact, I was so focused on trying to make money blogging, I started and scrapped 2 other failed blogs over the years. If it wasn’t doing it for me, it went.

Fast forward to today and I’ve finally found my own direction and passion. I love blogging about blogging, and I started creating content and courses that would help others find their own little place in this wide, wide web.

However, there was (is) something I’ve always struggled with.

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How Work at Home Parents Can Focus on Work

work at home parents **note: This is a guest post from Emma Bates, the blogger behind Kids, Cash and Chaos. Take it away, Emma!

Mom! Mom! Mom! (or Dad! Dad! Dad!) It can be never ending when you work from home…actually it is never ending no matter where you work. But it creates some serious problems when you work from home.

I have three kids whom I love dearly, but seem to be never ending chatterboxes the minute I sit down to work. The last year and a half I have been trying out many different strategies to keep them busy and give me a minute of quiet so I can focus.

I hate relying on screen time, although I do put a movie on some afternoons. It helps to have some activities prepared that you can rely on for 20-30 minutes of peace and rotate through them so they don’t lose interest.

Here are my best tips for dealing with the never ending interruptions when you have work to do and kids who want attention.

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4 Steps to Avoid Information Overload

avoid information overloadThe best thing about the Internet?

There’s so much information.

The worst thing?

There’s so much information.

I mean, there’s so much information in blogs and courses. Some expert says one thing, another says something else, what the hell are you supposed to do?!

Trust me, the struggle is real. I totally suffered from information overload for much of my career. Why? Cause I wanted it sooo bad. I knew what I wanted, but the problem was, I wasn’t sure how to get there.

So I would buy into (literally … omg the money I wasted) one thing that promised to help me learn x, but then along something better this way comes, and there I was, buying into y and z. I had no real direction, no purpose, and was simply gathering way too much information in the process that I was CONFUSED!

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