14 Types of Blog Posts That Will Boost Your Online Business

As a business, you know the importance of having an online presence. And you know having a blog is a big part of that.

But blogging for your business isn’t just about writing some words and making sure they get seen.

It’s the types of posts that you write that really matter. Blog posts that not only get you seen, but really position you as the expert you are.

Here are 14 types of blog that can really help to attract attention, increase your industry credibility and boost your business.

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How to Come Up With a Blog Name That Gets Remembered

You’ve just come up with the perfect idea for a blog.

But now you have to name that blog.

**Cue horror movie screams**

Naming a new blog is no easy feat.

It must be something that shows readers what your blog is about. But it should be fun and memorable. Plus easy to remember and spell. All at the same time.

But it doesn’t have to be hard. Before we dive into how to come up with a blog name, let’s start with a few things.

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20 of the Best Blogger Collaboration Ideas to Boost Your Blog

blog collaboration ideasLast week we covered why you need blogging friends, how to build your tribe and briefly mentioned blogger collaboration ideas.
But I want to go even deeper into blogger collaboration.
Because this is exactly how you’re going to get your blog to succeed.
You can’t go it alone. While blogging is a solo project, promoting and getting your shit as far and wide as possible is not. Well, at least it shouldn’t be.

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How to Make Blogging Friends and Why You Need Them

make blogging friends, blogger tribeDo you have blogging friends? I’m not talking about your real-life on online friends that know you’re a blogger. I’m talking about blogger friends, a blog tribe, a community of bloggers that you can count on.

What’s the diff?

Your friends support you. They know you blog, maybe even read it and share it for you because, well, they love ya.

But your blogger friends are those who are ideally in your niche or close to it. When they share your posts, they can help make that shit go viral.

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What is a Blog Mission Statement and Why You Need One

blog mission statement Do you have a blog mission statement?

Now before you start thinking I’m crazy and that missions statements are for companies and organizations, hear me out.

A blog mission statement works the same way any other mission statement does. It is a statement that will help you remember why you started blogging. It reminds you what your blog is about and why you created it in the first place.

And it’s more than just a little blurb about your blog. It’s not something you write and forget about. In fact, a blog’s mission statement helps:

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Why You Don’t Have As Many Blog Followers as You Should

more blog followersBlog followers.

You know you want them. You know you need them.

But where the hell are they?

You put out great content and share your posts. You know should have more blog followers than you do.

So how do you get more followers?

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3 Tools to Master Your Competitor Keyword Research

competitor-keyword-researchHave you ever wondered why other blogs in your niche seem to get much more Google love than your blog?

Do they have some magic formula for coming up with keywords?

Well, instead of trying to figure it all out, why not take a look at the keywords those blogs are actually using and ranking for?

I’m talking about doing competitor keyword research.

First of all, why spend the time figuring out the keywords other bloggers are using?

The most obvious answer is to start using them yourself!

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Want More Blog Traffic? Start Doing This!


**note: This is a guest post by Tracey Gayner. Take it away Tracey!

There is something that ALL bloggers and marketers have in common… and that’s the need for more blog traffic.

Whether you are thinking about starting a blog, have a blog already or have been blogging for a while now, your content  thrives on being read!

When we start blogging there is a lot to learn. For example, we need to know:

  • how to host a blog
  • how to post content to our blog
  • how to effectively promote ourselves through our Social Media platforms

And yes, we already know how to use some aspects of social media for our everyday personal use. We might surf through to find out what our family and friends are posting, what they like and dislike, events in their lives, and what’s happening day to day.

But using social media as a promotional tool is very different than using it for personal use. In fact, it’s often quite difficult and stressful.

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6 Reasons You Aren’t Getting More Blog Readers

more-blog-readersDo you ever feel like your blog just isn’t getting traffic?

You know you have great content, but you’re struggling to get consistent blog readers.

Well, there may be a reason you’re not getting those blog readers you deserve.

Any of these reasons could be turning blog readers off from reading your posts or keeping them from coming back for more. Here are 6 reasons you might not be getting traffic, and some simple changes you can make to get more blog readers.

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