4 Steps to Avoid Information Overload

avoid information overloadThe best thing about the Internet?

There’s so much information.

The worst thing?

There’s so much information.

I mean, there’s so much information in blogs and courses. Some expert says one thing, another says something else, what the hell are you supposed to do?!

Trust me, the struggle is real. I totally suffered from information overload for much of my career. Why? Cause I wanted it sooo bad. I knew what I wanted, but the problem was, I wasn’t sure how to get there.

So I would buy into (literally … omg the money I wasted) one thing that promised to help me learn x, but then along something better this way comes, and there I was, buying into y and z. I had no real direction, no purpose, and was simply gathering way too much information in the process that I was CONFUSED!

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10 of the Best Types of Emails to Send Your Email List

send email listYou know how important email marketing is.

I mean, there’s a reason they say a blogger email list is like gold.

It’s the best way to directly reach people who are truly interested in your blog. So you create this awesome incentive and get them on your list.

But wait!

Once you’ve enticed them to sign up, what comes next? What do you send your email list?

What kinds of emails do you send? And how do you keep your subscribers around,  and not have them quickly unsubscribe with a “peace out, yo!”

This is something I struggled with for years. I didn’t even start an email list for a long time because I had no clue what to send or what types of emails should be included in email marketing.

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How to Make Blogging for a Living Less Lonely

blogging for a livingAs someone blogging for a living, do you ever feel alone?

Okay, as an introvert, I love being able to keep to myself. But I know not all of you feel the same. I’m sure we have some hard-core extroverts here who would love nothing more than to get out in the world and be around others.

Because staring at a computer screen all day? Not as fun as you’d think.

I know right? Who would have thought?

So how can we make blogging for a living a little less lonely? Here are 6 things you can do right now.

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How I Plan and Track My Blog – Epic Blog Planner Review

epic blog planner reviewI haven’t been the best at keeping track of my blog posts or planning them ahead of time.

Okay, more honesty. There have been some weeks where I’m scheduled to post on Tuesday and it’s Monday evening and I still have no clue what I’m writing about.

Or I have to actually look back at my posts to see what I posted recently. You know, so I don’t write on something I just covered last week.

Not anymore.

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How to Promote Your Blog Post After You Publish

Are you wondering how to promote your blog post even after it's published? Check out these 6 expert ways to gain even more traffic today!We talked about things to do before you hit that publish button, not let’s discuss how to promote your blog post after it goes live.

If you optimized it well, it may get found on its own. But why not give it a huge push by promoting the hell out of your posts?

If you do these 6 things for every blog post, you have a much better chance of spreading the word and getting your content seen.

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12 Things You Must Do Before You Publish a Blog Post

Before publishing a blog post, don't forget these 12 important things! From grammar to SEO, don't leave anything out!You’ve done the SEO research, targeted your keywords and written your post. Now you’re ready to publish a blog post.

But wait! There’s more to it than that.

You want your post to capture attention and bring in readers.

So how do you do that? How do you write a blog post that stands out?

Here are 12 things you should do before you go live to ensure your post is readable, relatable and captivating.

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Defining Success – What Does Blogging Success Mean to You?

What is success? What does blogging success mean to you?Let’s talk about success.

Or actually, feeling like you’re never going to reach success.

There are so many bloggers out there sharing their stories and their income reports. They’re boasting 6 figure incomes and $20,000 months. Or they’re sharing their fancy charts with tens of thousands of email subscribers. While you’re pulling in a few each day.

It’s like, how the hell do we keep up? And if we can’t, are we failing?

Blogging for a living is hard. Like super frickin hard.

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3 Things You Need When Creating a Blog – It May Not Be What You’re Thinking

When creating a blog from scratch, these 3 things often get overlooked.When you’re creating a blog from scratch, you read about great content, headlines and images.

And you can have all that, but there could still be something missing from your blog.

Things that will really help show off your voice and your value, and help you attract the right people.

And you’re not alone. When I first started blogging, I didn’t pay any attention to these things either.

Why? Cause I didn’t know any better.

When you create your own blog from scratch there are 3 things that will help you convey your value, show your readers what you’re blog is about, and help build trust; 3 important things you need to keep readers coming back to your site.

But the thing is, these things are often overlooked. They are often an afterthought.

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How to Write Great Content That Really Gets People Hooked

How to Write Great Content That Really Gets People HookedIt’s frustrating isn’t it? You always hear it: write great content.

But what exactly is great content?

What separates regular blog posts from great ones?

It’s not the topic. Or the niche. Great content can happen in any niche. It’s about the elements that make the post. So here are 7 characteristics of great content that will really hook your readers.

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