Why Finding a Blog Niche is the #1 Thing You Can Do For Your Blog

finding a blog nicheYou’ve heard it before.

You need to have a niche.

But what you may not understand is WHY you need one. Or just how important finding a blog niche really is.

Because picking your niche is about more than just passion.  Sure you want something you, and your target readers are interested in.

Because if no one cares, then no one is reading.

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But that’s not the real reason why you need to pick a niche.

Why You Need to Find Your Niche

Okay. So there are many reasons to pick a niche.

But the main reason? The #1reason you should find your niche?

Picking a niche allows you to really focus and narrow your blog and its content.

Now, I want to clear something up. I often see people thinking they need to narrow down their topic to find their niche, and they freak out because they want to write on many different things. If you fall into this category, don’t worry. There are actually 2 types of blog niches:

  • Topic Niche: This is what you think it is. A blog that is solely on one topic and everything related to that topic. This could be blogging, parenting, vegan food. All the posts, images and content all relate to one topic.
  • Demographic Niche: Now, on the other hand, a demographics niche is writing for a specific group of people. Lifestyle blogs fit well into this category. For example, you can have a lifestyle blog for work at home moms, or a lifestyle blog for college-aged men. You can write on different topics, but all your posts should speak to one group of people. It is still very focused, just focused on a very specific group of people rather than a topic.

So let’s say you wanted start living a vegan lifestyle. You do a Google search and find a few articles that look good. One is posted on a blog dedicated to living, eating, breathing all things vegan and how to do it. Another is on a blog that looks sort of like a mommy blog. She posts about parenting, crafts, recipes, maybe even her day.

While both articles offer value in your search to learn more, which blog are you most likely to bookmark and return to for more information about living a vegan lifestyle?

The first of course! Because you know all the posts will be about something you’re interested in. They’re both lifestyle blogs, but the first writes content that one specific group, in this case people living a vegan lifestyle, interested in.

Another example: You go looking for a vegan recipe. You get blogs that create varied recipes, on everything under the sun. Sure, their recipes are delicious, but only a percentage of them will be vegan. Then you find one that’s all vegan food. I’m talking breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. Which, my newly vegan friend, will you be returning to, subscribing to, maybe even buying their cookbook?

The totally vegan one right? And you might even buy that cookbook one day!

So apply this to your own blog.

Is your blog focused? Either on one specific topic (like in our recipes example) or one group of people with a like interest  (like in our lifestyle blog example).

Finding a blog niche allows you to get super specific. Why? So your readers know whether or not they should come back. Yes, you will knocking off groups of people and alienating from your blog. But that’s okay. Because the ones who are interested are going to stick around and fall in love with everything you write.

And picking a niche is the foundation of a successful blog. Want to learn more about how to plan out a rock solid blog, how to build it up to get the most attention and then how lo launch it to the masses? Check out Plan, Build, Launch! Get Your Successful Blog Up in 30 Days or Less






What the Most Successful Blogs in the World Have in Common

most successful blogsThere are blogs.  And there are truly successful blogs.

The blogs written by the best bloggers that everyone seems to want to be like. The ones with the blog posts that get read the most and shared more than others.

But what makes them successful bloggers? What makes a truly successful blog?

I struggled with this for years. I guess I couldn’t really figure it out. I was posting consistently and sharing and interacting and social-ing.

But it’s actually not a secret. It comes down to content. Because blogging is all about the content right?

But it’s more than that.

The content of the most successful blogs all have certain things in common. Things that make them stand out. Here are 5 things all successful blogs have in common.

What the Most Successful Blogs Have in Common

They teach. The most successful blogs in the world create content that teaches you something. Sure, inspirational is great.  But truly great content provides some sort of takeaway, some actionable advice you can apply.

What can you do? Make sure every post you write has a clear lesson. The reader should walk feeling as if they’ve learned something or gained something from your post. Sure, sharing your stories and opinion is fine, but without a lesson, you’re pretty much journaling. And journaling won’t earn you thousands of raving fans. If you’re going to tell a story, make sure you add the takeaway, with actionable steps to get your readers there.

They’re passionate. When you read a post by a successful blogger, you can tell they genuinely care about their niche. They know their topics inside and out. They provide extra stats, facts and figures and case studies.

As a freelance writer, I’ve often seen job ads where they mention a Quick Sprout post as what they want their content to look like.

Why? Because not only is Quick Sprout one of the top blogs, it’s clear from the content that Neil Patel truly cares about his topic. He adds screen shots, images, graphs to really provide his reader with value.

How can you achieve this? Easy. You must be passionate about your niche. If you’re not, it will show in your content and in your ability to continually come up with ideas for your blog. If you’re not, I’d consider why you’re blogging. Or why you’re blogging about that particular niche.

They practice what they preach. Successful bloggers teach, but they also learn. They test new things,  try new strategies before they ever tell their audience about it. That way, they only share quality tips, they give their readers the best of the best. And this, my friends, helps get them to expert status. Cause everything they write about is top notch and comes with proof that they have done it/used it/tried it themselves.

What can you do? Test everything. Don’t just write about things,  test theories, discover solutions and write about what works and really deliver quality.

They focus on their readers. The best bloggers know it’s all about their readers. What types of content their readers want to learn about,  the topics they’re interested in.

How can you make sure you focus on your readers? Ask yourself “How will this post help my readers?” or “Is this something my readers are interested in?” before you write anything.

Also, pay attention to what your readers are telling you. Look at comments and emails and see what they’re saying. Pay attention to questions that come up that you can answer. You can go a step further and poll your readers to see what they’d like to see on your blog. Check out the comments on other blogs or in online forums and groups.

They’re patient. Lastly, they know it takes time. Running a successful blog isn’t an overnight thing. Anyone who tries to convince you that it can be is full of shit. Sure you can start getting attention right away, and gain traffic overnight. But becoming among the most successful blogs? Not an instant thing. It takes hard work and dedication. It can take months of consistent work, sometimes even years. Successful bloggers know this, and keep pushing on, even when it seems like they should give up.

What you can do? Just know it’s not an overnight thing. That success won’t be instant. And don’t base your idea of success on others. They’re them. You’re you. Figure out what success means to you.

The most recognized bloggers in the world, the most successful bloggers, they all have something in common. It doesn’t matter the niche or who their audience is. They all focus on their content. They write content that teaches, that is passionate, and gives advice that has been tested.

What about you? What do you think makes a truly successful blogger?

5 Easy Ways to Generate Topics for Your Blog

ways to generate topics**note: This is a guest post from Monica Miller, Visibility Expert and Content Strategist, and the owner of Monica Writes. When it comes to content, Monica knows her stuff! 

You want to begin blogging, but you might be thinking, “I have no idea what I want to blog about!” or “I have too much to say!” or “I don’t know what to even begin with!” You have unique abilities and topics that you want to share, but starting on this journey may seem daunting or overwhelming because coming up with what to write about is scary!

I want to let you in on a little secret: It’s not hard to come up with content or even finding topics to write about. I am going to give you five different ways to become a content generating machine that it’s so easy, you’ll be surprised! I encourage you to take time today or this week to explore different ways on how your blogs can have the best of both worlds: plenty of content and organization.

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What Do You Really Want From Your Blog?

blogging goalsI’ve been thinking about this lately, and I think I’ve had it all wrong.

I mean, I knew what I wanted to blog about. I knew that helping people get super clear on their own value and niche is what I’m passionate about.

And from the very beginning, I always knew I wanted to turn my blog into something that brought in money. Because that would be what would allow me to stay at home with my kids, and that was so important for me and my husband.

In fact, I was so focused on trying to make money blogging, I started and scrapped 2 other failed blogs over the years. If it wasn’t doing it for me, it went.

Fast forward to today and I’ve finally found my own direction and passion. I love blogging about blogging, and I started creating content and courses that would help others find their own little place in this wide, wide web.

However, there was (is) something I’ve always struggled with.

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How Work at Home Parents Can Focus on Work

work at home parents **note: This is a guest post from Emma Bates, the blogger behind Kids, Cash and Chaos. Take it away, Emma!

Mom! Mom! Mom! (or Dad! Dad! Dad!) It can be never ending when you work from home…actually it is never ending no matter where you work. But it creates some serious problems when you work from home.

I have three kids whom I love dearly, but seem to be never ending chatterboxes the minute I sit down to work. The last year and a half I have been trying out many different strategies to keep them busy and give me a minute of quiet so I can focus.

I hate relying on screen time, although I do put a movie on some afternoons. It helps to have some activities prepared that you can rely on for 20-30 minutes of peace and rotate through them so they don’t lose interest.

Here are my best tips for dealing with the never ending interruptions when you have work to do and kids who want attention.

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4 Steps to Avoid Information Overload

avoid information overloadThe best thing about the Internet?

There’s so much information.

The worst thing?

There’s so much information.

I mean, there’s so much information in blogs and courses. Some expert says one thing, another says something else, what the hell are you supposed to do?!

Trust me, the struggle is real. I totally suffered from information overload for much of my career. Why? Cause I wanted it sooo bad. I knew what I wanted, but the problem was, I wasn’t sure how to get there.

So I would buy into (literally … omg the money I wasted) one thing that promised to help me learn x, but then along something better this way comes, and there I was, buying into y and z. I had no real direction, no purpose, and was simply gathering way too much information in the process that I was CONFUSED!

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10 of the Best Types of Emails to Send Your Email List

send email listYou know how important email marketing is.

I mean, there’s a reason they say a blogger email list is like gold.

It’s the best way to directly reach people who are truly interested in your blog. So you create this awesome incentive and get them on your list.

But wait!

Once you’ve enticed them to sign up, what comes next? What do you send your email list?

What kinds of emails do you send? And how do you keep your subscribers around,  and not have them quickly unsubscribe with a “peace out, yo!”

This is something I struggled with for years. I didn’t even start an email list for a long time because I had no clue what to send or what types of emails should be included in email marketing.

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How to Make Blogging for a Living Less Lonely

blogging for a livingAs someone blogging for a living, do you ever feel alone?

Okay, as an introvert, I love being able to keep to myself. But I know not all of you feel the same. I’m sure we have some hard-core extroverts here who would love nothing more than to get out in the world and be around others.

Because staring at a computer screen all day? Not as fun as you’d think.

I know right? Who would have thought?

So how can we make blogging for a living a little less lonely? Here are 6 things you can do right now.

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How I Plan and Track My Blog – Epic Blog Planner Review

epic blog planner reviewI haven’t been the best at keeping track of my blog posts or planning them ahead of time.

Okay, more honesty. There have been some weeks where I’m scheduled to post on Tuesday and it’s Monday evening and I still have no clue what I’m writing about.

Or I have to actually look back at my posts to see what I posted recently. You know, so I don’t write on something I just covered last week.

Not anymore.

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How to Promote Your Blog Post After You Publish

Are you wondering how to promote your blog post even after it's published? Check out these 6 expert ways to gain even more traffic today!We talked about things to do before you hit that publish button, not let’s discuss how to promote your blog post after it goes live.

If you optimized it well, it may get found on its own. But why not give it a huge push by promoting the hell out of your posts?

If you do these 6 things for every blog post, you have a much better chance of spreading the word and getting your content seen.

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