How to Blog Consistently … Without Burning Yourself Out

Blogging ConsistencyLet’s get honest for a moment and talk about consistency.

People, the struggle is real.

I see it all the time, bloggers saying their main struggle is blogging consistently. Why?

Because life happens. We all start off with grand intentions of putting out blog post after blog post, getting tons of readers and building a loyal tribe. But then life, work, family … something gets in the way and takes up time. And next thing you know, you’re skipping a post here or there, or if you are posting, you’re struggling to get it published on time.

While it may seem okay to just get a post out whenever you get it out, blogging consistently has some serious benefits.

Besides the SEO-Google-loves-consistency mumbo jumbo, your readers like consistency even more. They will come to expect a post from you every week, or month, or whatever interval you choose. And messing up that schedule starts to mess with their expectations. Plus, if they know when you’re posting something new, it gives them something to look forward to. How awesome is that?

So how do you blog consistently? Here are 7 tips to help you stay on track … without experiencing blogger burnout.

Create a blogging schedule that works for you. Let’s be real here. Are you really going to publish a post every day? Or every other day? With marketing your blog and … life … it’s not that easy to stay consistent with a schedule like that. So be honest with yourself.

And don’t worry; you’re not going to lose tons of readers if you stop posting each day. In fact, it may even help your readership. Giving yourself more time in-between posts will give you more time to focus on quality, and put out content that really impresses people.

Have a running list of topics. Keeping a backup of topics means you won’t ever be at loss for a topic. And inspiration is everywhere if you look. Keep notes on the most popular posts on related blogs and look at what readers are saying in your comments or in social media groups.

Look for interesting facts or topics in news articles, conversations you have, books you read. Post prompts are everywhere. My son falling face-first off the slide into some sand inspired this post.

Create an editorial calendar. Make things easy for yourself, okay? Keep an editorial calendar, with your post ideas plugged in. Try to mix it up between how to posts, lists, case studies, opinion, roundup, etc. It will literally show you what you have coming up, what you have posted, and what topics you will focus on.

Know when you are most creative. If morning gets your juices flowing, schedule blogging time in the morning. If you’re better at night, do your writing then. There’s really no right or wrong time to do your writing. But getting it in when you are the most productive will help beat the “I don’t want to!” feeling.

Write more than one post at a time. If you have extra blogging time schedule, get in an extra post or two. Cranking them out when you’re in the mood, or all hopped up on caffeine (for me, it’s the latter), will help you build a queue of posts. Which will definitely come in handy for those times when life really does get in the way and you just can’t write.

Use tools to keep you on track. Now that you have your time schedule, you want to make sure you make the most of it.

Use time tracking tools like:

  • Toggl. This is a simple online timer. Build for time-tracking teams, Toggl works just as well for a solo blogger. Set a goal, set the timer and type away.
  • Focus Booster. Another timer, but this one is based on the Pomodoro technique, where each “Pomodoro” is a 25-minute cycle, then a 5-minute break. Technically, you’re supposed to do 4 Pomodoros and then take a 15-minute break.
  • Use their free habit tracker app to help you turn writing into a habit. Track, set targets and celebrate milestones with friends and the community.

You can also use tools to block the Internet so you can really focus on writing.


Fill in the blanks with guest bloggers. If you’re really backed up against a time corner, find another blogger to help you out. The benefits of doing this is two-fold: you get a small break, and you can find a whole new audience.

When someone guest posts on your blog, they’ll share the post with their email subscribers and their social media followers. Their readers will head over to your blog to read the blogger’s post, but they will discover your blog too. AND! Your readers will discover the guest blogger, so it really is a win-win situation.

Blogging consistently is a real problem for many people. Getting quality posts out on a regular schedule isn’t always as easy as it looks. By following these 7 tips, you can start to get on a regular schedule, without burning out of driving yourself crazy.


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  1. Agreed with this one! I set up a schedule of what stuff to do every week: Article writing, marketing, etc.
    It’s in a checklist form which makes it so much more satisfying whenever something gets accomplished.
    I do that “running list of ideas too.” From what I’ve read somewhere, you must always have a pen and a piece of paper (or better yet, a notebook) for collecting ideas. Some amazing ideas can pop up in your head at any time, and if you DON’T write it down, it’ll disappear forever. It’s best collect whatever great thought pops into your head.

  2. Hello, Corinne!

    After reading the intro of the post, it seemed like you wrote it just for me ..!

    Because this is what I am getting hit with from many months .. I am not consistent …

    And yeah, it got the reasons of being inconsistent ..

    I am working hard towards getting normal and follow a set schedule of blogging, let it be weekly or monthly but to get some set things done every day to be on track with blogging.

    For that, I am getting helped from one of my good friend!

    Also, as I am reading through some great content (like yours), I am getting to know such tools that are really helpful breaking the writer’s block and write in peace. For that, I am thankful of you sharing a good list of those related tools!

    Let’s see how it goes and I simply expect that the things will turn to be good for me in coming days.

    See me often! And I am happy to share it on my social life!

    ~ Adeel
    Adeel Sami recently posted…Revealed: I will Never Attempt to Do It Again If I’m To start Blogging NewMy Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Adeel,
      I hear you my friend. Being consistent isn’t the easiest, especially since there’s so much more to blogging than writing. You have to write, then share and promote. Of course, in addition to everything else in life!

      Thanks for sharing this! I appreciate it!

  3. Deynee says:

    The moment the idea comes to your mind and you feel good about it, write down as much of what you think as you can. I take notes using anything I have at my hand or anything near me that I could use. I note down everything that’s on my mind at this very moment and I don’t stop until I am done.
    Deynee recently posted…Will Facebook Canvas Finally Deliver Effective Mobile Advertising?My Profile

  4. Ahhhh! Who needs eyebrows anyway! “The only person who never made a mistake never tried anything!” Make a poster of that for her room, she’ll feel better about it then.
    Corinne, thanks for the post, I must also try the Pomodoro technique although honestly, I don’t have much problem writing my posts (perhaps it shows!).
    I find the best time for me to write is about 1.00am. I just sit at the keyboard and out it comes, garbage usually, but it just boils out of me. My problem is not writing but writing stuff that others will read and engage with me. It really does get lonely typing all this rubbish only to find that nobody is reading it anyway!
    I’m thinking about changing the whole design of my blog and, at the same time starting to write more explicitly about the businesses that I am involved in. Perhaps I will start getting some responses.
    Thanks again.

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Chris!
      I told her it’s definitely okay to be curious – that’s how we learn. This just wasn’t such a fun lesson 🙂

      1am! Wow! I’m fast asleep at 1. But then again my kids are early risers, no matter the day so I need to get to bed myself.

      Just noticed your latest post. Heading over to comment


  5. Thanks for the great post, Corinne. I’m going to try Focus Booster – I love the Pomodoro Technique and always forget to do it!


    • Corinne says:

      Hey Sue!
      I forget too, but it’s such a good tool! I’ll have both kids out of the house for most of the day starting in August, so I think I’ll go back to working in specific time blocks and see how that works out.

  6. My biggest problem is thinking I can get a post done in less time than in actually takes. I like to post on Mondays and Thursdays and sometimes, especially now that daylight lasts longer, I end up convincing myself that I can rush home from work and get a recipe made, photographed and posted before 7pm so I can get it up on Facebook at a decent time. Yea, no. That’s not quite possible. So for me it’s just reminding myself to give myself enough time to get posts finished. Always trying to learn and improve 🙂 But I think an editorial calendar would be a good idea. Keep track of when I’ve posted entrees, or dessert, or breakfast ect. I’ll have to look into that!
    Erin|Thanks for Cookin recently posted…Doctored Cake Mix and cake pop lessons learned the hard wayMy Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Erin,
      I once read that you should allot yourself 1.5 times as long as you think something will take. Cause most times it does take longer. (this is totally something I need to remember when getting ready too. Apparently it takes way longer to do my hair and makeup than I think it does 🙂 )

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Corinne: Nice blog and motivation booster. I used to have editor calendar and trust me it helped me for a while, then got busy with work. Will try to keep myself on track and publish more content. Thank you for sharing the post.

    You can check my blogs @ and suggest me the improvements 🙂

  8. For the life of me I can’t blog consistently. Life always happens to interrupt it. I’m most creative at night when I’m laying in bed or while I’m on the job during the day. Finding the time to remember my ideas or jot them down doesn’t happen either. I’ve tried to stick to a few routines and failed horrible. Thus, I blog at my own pace and pray my readers understand.

    Hope your daughter is feeling better!

    Brenda Pace recently posted…Monday Musings #2 – Pushin’ Through the FogMy Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Hey Bren! Isn’t it always the case though…you get inspiration at the weirdest times! I can struggle with an intro for hours, only to find the right words when I’m laying in bed.

      And thanks! She’s so much better. Her cough is almost gone. Now her eyebrows ….

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