Is Being Too Busy Keeping You From Success?

As an entrepreneur, you’re busy.

How can you not be?

There are blog posts to write, emails to send, social media to market on. It sometimes seems like a never-ending list of things to do each day.

Unfortunately, we can get TOO busy.

If you feel like there just isn’t enough time to do it all, how can you ever expect to fit more work into your schedule?

Let that question marinate for just a minute.

So the most obvious answer is, make more time.

But before you freak out like, “Corinne, what the faaack! I don’t have time to do it all already,” let’s talk about some ways you can get a handle on your time shall we?

Examine your day. Like really examine it. I know I have had days where the time just totally got away from me. Waiting for a dang giraffe to give birth anyone? But pick a totally normal work day for you, and log your hours and what you’re doing. Just for one day. You’ll be amazing at how much excess time you are spending doing things you shouldn’t be doing (like watching that stupid giraffe!)

Group your tasks. If you’re not already grouping similar tasks, this will help you get so much more done. Block off chunks of time in your calendar for creating content, marketing on social media (and stick to this time block! Don’t let social media get away from you) client meetings, etc.

Save space for work. Whether you’re a coach and do client calls, a freelancer and do client work, block off some time for new clients in your calendar. Even if you don’t have that client just yet, put them in your calendar and use that time to go out and market the shit out of your business so you can land that client.

Make time for yourself. I know. We’re talking about not having enough time and here I want you to take time off your work mode to go into self-care mode. But taking some time each day for yourself will help center yourself and get you into “get shit done” mode. And self-care doesn’t have to mean meditation. Self-care time could be going for a walk, reading a book, journaling, working out, learning something new, taking a nap. Basically self-care is any intentional action that will improve your mental, emotional or physical health.

Schedule email time. I’ll be honest. I’m a habitual email checker. But I also waste so much time checking it when I should be doing other things. So I’m working on it. I’m trying to aim to check email just 3x a day, morning, lunch and evening. It’s a work in progress but it’s saving me time.

Another way to keep email in check is to preschedule your emails. If you send the same email each day or each week, or if you want to write out a response now when you have some time, but you’d like to send it in a few days, the Boomerang App can help. It works with Gmail, Outlook and Android, and not only lets you schedule emails, but let’s you send them at the right time.

Automate social media. Pick your best social media platforms; not the ones you waste the most time on but the ones where you can definitely find your target audience. These are the sites you want to spend your social media marketing time on. But you don’t necessarily want to ignore the rest. By automating your social media posts, you can seem like you’re always on, even when you’re not.

Pick a social media scheduler (I like Tailwind for Pinterest and Smarter Queue for everything else) and stick to the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time share other, helpful posts and 20% of the time share your own stuff.

Use an editorial calendar for your content. I know, planning, managing and writing your blog takes time. So much frickin time. But keeping an editorial calendar can help make it just a little easier. It can help you easily see (like, literally see) what you’ve written, what needs to be written and where you are in your processes. When your thoughts are organized, it makes the writing process much faster.

If you feel like you’re too busy already, how can you expect the entrepreneurial gods to open up the skies and bring you more clients? Where you gonna put those clients in your schedule? Instead of trying to do it all and master it all, start using your time efficiently and make sure you hold space for your future clients so you have some place to plug them into your schedule when they show up.



  1. Hey Corinne,

    It is not like we get too busy, it is like we get confused when we have multiple work to be done, it make us feel like we are very busy, hence it stops us from growing on daily basis.

    So, thanks for the amazing tips Corinne. It is very helpful as we all get confused.
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