I honestly never thought I’d be here.

I spent many years denying what I loved and who I was. And what I was really good at.

I started my entrepreneur journey as a writer, and then a blogging coach. And while I loved online business and blogging about blogging, something was missing.

So I kept searching. And learning.

Fast forward about 7 years into my entrepreneur journey (yup, you read that right. 7 freakin years!) and I realized what I love is helping highly sensitive children.

In fact, working with children is something I’ve always done.

I’m 8 years older than my youngest sister and I was the one who taught her to read and write, how to ride a bike and Rollerblade (remember when those were a huge thing?) and even sung her to sleep when she was scared.

In middle school, I volunteered my summers as a Summer Fun junior leader. Just out of high school I got a job as a group leader at the neighborhood park.

I even majored in Early education, hoping to teach elementary until my self-doubt got the best of me and I questioned myself and my love of teaching.

So now, many years later, my journey has come back to working with children.

Empathic and highly sensitive ones to be exact.

Because I was one.

I was a sensitive child, until my brother died when I was 3. Years later, my dad told me that my mom had leaned on my for comfort when my brother passed, and after that, I changed. I wasn’t as happy as I once was.

Only now do I understand that I was an empathic child. I took on that emotional energy in a way I didn’t understand and couldn’t handle.

But I was also different. I reacted differently, I felt differently. And for my parents, that wasn’t a good thing.

I wasn’t what my parents expected me to be. And the fact that I was different meant my mom didn’t know how to relate to me. So she lashed out at me. She tried to change me, she tried to make me into what she thought I was supposed to be.

And because I wouldn’t budge, we fought. We fought so much that she once told me that she loved because she was my mom, but she didn’t like me, because she didn’t understand me.

As you can imagine, this left me with some emotional damage. And this damage hurt me for many years, in my relationships, in my business, in my heart.

I know first-hand how damaging it can be when you feel like no one understands you.

And because if that, my mission is to help parents of highly sensitive children understand, connect and relate to their kids better…so those kids never have to feel the way I did.


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