Are you tired of the feast or famine, the ups and the downs of business?

I was too. And you know what? It’s not about what you should be doing.

Because you know all that.

You know how to market, how to write content and how to use social media.

That’s not the problem.

If you’ve ever doubted yourself and your business, if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “This shit is never going to happen for me” or “What if no one buys my course?” or “What if my coaching package isn’t what people want?”… That’s fear.

And you know what?

Those subconscious fears are keeping your business from growing and expanding to where it could be.

Trust me, I know this.

About Corinne

My business was in survival mode for many (many!) years.

Even though I knew how to market my business, I kept myself small. I was absolutely terrified to put myself out there. So I played it safe.

I used social media posts, blog content, anything that allowed me to hide behind a veil of text.

Why? I was terrified to be seen. Like really be seen. Because I was afraid to be judged.

I was afraid if people really saw me, they would think I was stupid. Or they would think I wasn’t good enough.

And you know what? By giving in to this fear, I kept my business failing.  I was literally afraid of the thing I wanted the most. Subconsciously, I was keeping myself at a certain success level.

So I spent some time uncovering my fears. Really getting to the root of my business fears (hint: most of these fears aren’t about your business at all)

Through understanding my fears and working through them, I decided I didn’t give a shit anymore. I’m not perfect. And I’m okay with that. And I know people are going to be okay with that too.

And you know what else I learned throughout the journey? I wasn’t fulfilling my passion. I was so focused on blogging and business because I was good at it. But it no longer filled me up. It’s amazing what a little mindset work can uncover.

So what exactly is this site about?

Part mindset and part visibility. Lots of confidence.

I help entrepreneurs kick fear in the ass and build a business that fills their heart with joy.

I want you to understand all that mindset shit, without all the woo. There will be no mediating, no spiritual healing, no balancing of the chakras (cause honestly, I don’t really know what that even means), no energy work around here.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I do believe in some of it. But I’m also very logical. I have to understand things, like be able to connect the dots.

So while I do talk mindset and overcoming blocks, it’s more practical and logical than magical and metaphysical.

Beyond conquering your fears, I’m all about building you up. Once those fears are squashed, it’s time to build up your confidence so you can no longer give a shit, and start living your life and running your business how you were always meant to.


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