9 Big Blogging Mistakes That Could Keep You From Succeeding


Blogging MistakesDo you ever feel frustrated with your blog? Like you’re doing it all wrong?

That everyone gets it but you?

Don’t worry, it’s not just you.

Truth is … everyone feels frustrated at some point. And everyone makes mistakes along the way. Some of us more than others.

*raises both hands*

But if you know what the most common mistakes are, you stand a much better chance of getting ahead and not wasting years and money *again, raises both hands*

So to help you out, here are 9 of the biggest mistakes that bloggers tend to make.

#1 They over analyze. Bloggers, especially new ones, tend to worry a bit too much about their credibility. Being new to a field is enough to make anyone question their authority. But you know what? You’ve picked your niche for a reason. You know you’re stuff. You got this.

#2 They think they need design knowledge. Dude. You just don’t. The extent of my skills is basic. So basic I wouldn’t even call it skills. You can do what you know, and learn the rest (YouTube anyone?) Or you can simply outsource it and save yourself some stress.

#3 They wait until their blog is perfect. You are your biggest critic. The truth is that your blog is never going to be perfect. But you know what? No one but you will notice! The reality is that good enough is just that…good enough! Do not fall into this trap of trying to get it just right. Get it good enough and launch! You can always tweak anything later.

#4 They aren’t consistent. When new bloggers start out, they are eager and willing. But life can get in the way and posting can become more infrequent. Be honest with yourself. How many posts can you realistically commit to? And don’t think you have to post daily to gain that traffic. You really don’t. You can post once a week, even every other week and still get traffic, gain followers and make money. Set a schedule and stick to it. Your audience will start to know when you expect something from you, and look forward to it.

#5 They don’t have a writing voice. You’ve read blog posts that are super informative, almost educational. Yes, they offer great information, but they can come off as a little stiff. They have none of the blogger’s personality. They don’t say anything about who you are as a person. Avoid this by writing how you talk. Okay, maybe not exactly how you talk. Because if I did that everything would a lot more bad words in it. But spice it up a little, let your readers know who you are through your writing. Show them why you are different from the rest.

#6 They don’t have an opt-in. You’ve probably heard there’s money in the list. And it’s true. Your email list will be your loyal followers, the ones who will love your posts and jump at the chance to buy your stuff.  While you certainly can make money off your blog by having ads on it, you’re going to need thousands of readers a day just to make a buck. Building a list will give you a directory of interested people to email every time you post something new or launch a new product.

#7 They don’t take care of their subscribers. Your email list is all about building relationships. As soon as your blog goes live, you will start getting visitors who will eventually turn into subscribers. Take care of them from the get-go. Respond to their comments. Email them, but don’t spam them. Cultivating a good relationship from the very beginning will allow your subscribers to trust you, and when they trust you, they are more apt to buy things from you.

#8 They don’t connect with other bloggers. Yes, there are dozens of bloggers in your niche. But stop looking at them as competition and look at them as allies. Why? Because their audience is your audience. By connecting with other bloggers, you can increase your reach and build your audience. Read more on blogger outreach here and here.

#9 They succumb to shiny object syndrome. They tend to jump on the latest bandwagon. Whatever sounds like it will help them get ahead, they go and try it. Most times, this gets you nowhere. I did this for Five. Frickin. Years. Don’t be me. Just do you and what works for you and you’ll get ahead.

Many people start a blog hoping it will be their big ticket into making money online. The reality of blogging is it takes hard work to make any real money. And you will likely make mistakes along the way. Luckily, if you start off knowing what the biggest mistakes are, there’s a much greater chance you will find your own way and succeed.

Want more? Here’s an epic expert roundup post (which I contributed to, thank you very much) with 143!!! (I know, right?) bloggers sharing what they think is the biggest mistake that new bloggers need to avoid.




  1. The most important thing that you must remember if you want to have a blog is knowing your niche. You can go with a broad theme but it is better to choose something more specialized. In an instance, you want to start a DIY blog, you must have a specialty. Just like food, make it your own. Share family or ethnic recipes focus on lunches or soups. You must also not ignore social media, don’t expect you will get thousands of viewers and readers if you won’t share your content in social medias.

  2. Hey Corinne,

    I just came from Enstine blog post about you!

    You have some great stuff here and I can definitely relate to all of them.

    #4 resonated with me quite well. Why? I had to be real with myself this year. I had to put a halt on the frequency of when I published a blog. I use to publish a post once a week, then it was 3 times a month, and now it’s once a month.

    Most people would think that I lost traffic. I actually didn’t. As a matter of fact, I started to get way more subscribers using free methods as opposed to last year. So with that said, branding and promotion is much more important, and the best way I did this was through commenting on other blogs and being involved in blogging communities.

    Also #5 is a big one. In order for anyone to stand out, you must have a writing voice. You want your personality to shine via your blog so that you can attract the right people. As you mentioned, being very informative with no personality behind the blog isn’t the best way to engage your audience. They’ll look at you as boring and usually bloggers like this don’t find enjoyment in writing. So definitely let your personality shine!

    Thanks for sharing Corinne! Have a great week!

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Sherman,

      I used to publish 2x a week, not this blog but another one that I no longer keep, and it was just too much. Writing posts, promoting them, interacting on social media, it was exhausting. I do much better at a lower frequency.

      I don’t see anything wrong with posting once per month. It’s all about what works for you and your audience. and obviously, your audience is just fine with once a month.

      And yes! connecting by commenting and communities is one of the best ways to build a loyal audience! awesome!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hey Corinne,
    A few hours ago, I was with one of my students who thought he needed some design and coding skills to succeed as a blogger. After we bought a theme from one of the distributors, he was amazed how easy it was to setup his blog without need for any additional design skills.

    Last week, I was on skype with one who told me he was waiting for his designer. It was terrible because he has been waiting for over months, not knowing with WP, it’s simply a matter of clicking here and there. You don’t need to wait for some skilled person to get going.

    My hands are up! I committed error #6 in the beginning. Since I didn’t have any formal training, I didn’t even know anything about that until some months later.

    I think some newbies today who have a coach are (sort of) lucky. They should work hard and avoid some of these stupid errors 😉

    I hope you are having a wonderful week
    Enstine Muki recently posted…How to boost revenue by 50 – 100 % with Ezoic Google Certified Publishing Partner!My Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Enstine!
      Yes! WP is pretty easy. I mean, if I can’t understand the basics, it means it’s got to be pretty easy 🙂

      I, too, didn’t have an optin for years. And I knew I should! My main reason was because I didn’t think I had anything to share with an email list. it took forever to realize that people optin for a reason … they WANT to hear from you!

      Thanks for stopping by Enstine! Appreciate it 🙂

  4. Hi Corinne,

    I can relate with the above – having suffered many of the challenges myself 🙂

    However, when I came to understand the basics, it was all fun – and quite interesting.

    Aside the awesome points you have documented, I’ll love to add the fact that refusing to blindly imitate another blogger who appear more successful could also be a life saver. Really.

    Do make the day great!

    Akaahan Terungwa
    Terungwa recently posted…Long Distance Relationship Advice: Tips On Keeping A Distance Relationship AliveMy Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Yes! Excellent point!! And it can be tough, since we want that same level of success. But strongly believe what works for one blogger doesn’t mean it will work for other, Or for me for that matter because I’ve totally done the blindly following other bloggers thing. Never works.

      Appreciate you adding to the conversation!

  5. John Martin says:

    Great article Corinne! Especially relate to #9 (the shiny object part)…I’ve littered the internet with a number of just-started blogs! I’m determined now to decide on the best and be consistent! Thank you for mentioning this!
    -John Martin

    • Corinne says:

      Right on John! Now stop starting new blogs and FOCUS! Pick something that truly interests you, not something that will make you money. Passion will help you sustain a blog and topics. Plus, if you love something, readers will pick up on that enthusiasm and that’s what will get your blog ahead

      Good luck!

  6. Hmm, these are great things to think about! I have definitely struggled with my blogging schedule but these other points are worth a little self-evaluation too. Thanks for getting me thinking!

    • Corinne says:

      Hey Sarah, I think a lot of us struggle with scheduling because we start out trying to do more than we should. I cut down to once a week to be realistic. I’d love to post more, but then the quality would start going down

  7. Corinne, what a thorough list! These are the big ones. I’ll be bookmarking this; most of us fall prey to these at times. Thanks for sharing.
    Julie recently posted…Must-Reads for Creatives: Constraint vs. FreedomMy Profile

  8. I am so guilty of #8… so hello my name is Sarah and here I am connecting with other bloggers. Great list. 🙂

  9. Hi Corinne,

    I believe this is my first visit to your blog. Your title caught my eye because it seems like I’m always trying to find a theme I like and can stick with and have slacked off in my posting schedule for the last month.

    Thanks for sharing your tips about blogging. I hate that others feel like they’re spinning their wheels but it sure helps to know I’m not alone out there.

    Have a great evening.

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Monna,
      Oh, you are so not alone! I’ve made so many mistakes and wasted so much time, it’s not even funny. And the more I talk with other bloggers, I find that I’m not the only one. Many do find their way shortly, but it’s not without a few mistakes first.

      don’t worry girl! you’re getting there!

  10. Wow, what a fantastic list of short but extremely useful points. I have been swimming in the blogosphere since last so many years and this is exactly what it takes – avoid the nine mistakes.

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Kaushik!
      Thanks for reading my friend! I appreciate you stopping by.

      Btw, anyone else reading this: Kaushik is the man behind my blog makeover. He’s awesome!

  11. Great post Corinne. I happen to agree with all of these. Out of all these you mentioned, consistency has been my main issue. Tyring to balane out taking care of my mom and now two blogs has been quite the challenge. I know it’s only been a month but I sure would like to get my schedule sorted out before a new month begins. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Already passed this along girlfriend!

    Hope you’re having a great week!

    Corina Ramos recently posted…Email Marketing Tips for BeginnersMy Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Hey Cori,
      I think consistency is probably my biggest struggle as well. With writing clients and other things going on, my blog will sometimes take a backseat.

      Hopefully we can find some balance in life soon 🙂

      Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate it (and you!)


  12. Hi Corrine,

    I’d like to add one more point. Not finding the target audience is another mistake that bloggers make. It’s really important to know what your visitors are looking for. They write great content and then complain that no one is reading their post. To find the target audience, bloggers should ask their readers what they would like to read on the blog and what they are struggling with.

    What do you think?
    Ammar Ali recently posted…Top 7 Warning Signs That You’re a Selfish Blogger and How It Can Ruin Your Blog (If Not Corrected)My Profile

    • Corinne says:

      Hi Ammar,
      Great point! You’re so right. Going into blogging thinking about what YOU want to write about rather than what your AUDIENCE wants to read is a big mistake.


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