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Hey you ... I see you ...

I see you longing to be a successful blogger. You want to be like your blogging idols, bringing in tons of pageviews each day and making a living just from your blog. You dream of the freedom that blogging brings.

I'm Corinne Kerston, and I want to help you get there. My mission is to help people live their dreams of having a successful blog.

But not in the “set it up, get traffic, throw some ads up there, make some money” type of way. Because I still see people thinking they can just set up a blog and make money with it.

Why? Because many online articles claim it’s that easy. There are still “experts” out there sharing their 6-figure months from blogging, leading people to believe it really is THAT easy.

I call bullshit on that. Like, the biggest bullshit ever. Because it’s not like that AT. ALL.

Not only is there so much to do, there are so much other blogs out there that getting noticed among all of them is pretty hard. Okay, really damn hard.

My goal is to help you get out of the “I want to create a blog to make money” thinking, and into a mindset that focuses on your value first. What makes you happy.

Because without knowing what fires you up, what you do better than all the other bloggers out there, you can’t possibly create something that stands out or becomes successful.

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