Hi there! I’m Corinne.

I serve the amazing (but extremely tired) moms who serve the highly sensitive children.

I help parents who are struggling with kids who don't listen, throw tantrums and act out. Through finding a deeper understanding of their children and figuring out the root cause for their behavior, I help parents create a happier home by eliminate the yelling, scolding and resulting mom guilt that comes from it.

With my own intuition, I help others parent intuitively.

Because the truth is, you don't need another patenting book or tactic.

You need someone that will help you take a closer look at how your kids act and react, so you can come up with solutions that are best for your own individual children and your family as a whole.

So you ... You're in the right place if you:

  • You identify as highly sensitive and your children are as well
  • You've tried just about every parenting tactic out there and still feel like you're getting nowhere
  • You want to find a solution that is catered to you and your children, taking each of their personalities into consideration
  • You want to learn how to parent intuitively so you can do what's best for your children, and feel confident in your decisions

  • Ready? Let's get started

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