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Hi there! I’m Corinne.

I help mompreneurs, lady bosses and badass bitches (like you!) uplevel their lives by connecting their pasts with their present so they can finally conquer their mindset, be the best parent they can be, have the most solid relationships and succeed in their business!

Let me tell you something that not a lot of people will.

You don't need another course, another program or another marketing tactic.

There's no magic solution.

If you've been struggling with your business, feeling a bit uninspired and frustrated, you're not alone. This was me for YEARS. I operated in a place of struggle, pain and unease. It became a way of life. Because I didn't know there was something better. But by understanding my past and the struggles I've experienced, I finally understood myself. I learned where my business blocks were. My triggers in my relationships. The things that made me freeze and freak the F out.

So you ... You're in the right place if you:

  • You've had some negative experiences in your past (And let's face it, we all have)
  • You're not quite where you should in your business
  • You want to bridge the gap between your past and your present, so you can understand how you interact, act and react

  • I want to help you heal from your past so you can find the best ways to nurture yourself, parent the best way possible, finally rock your business and find what works for you so they have more time to spend with those kiddos. Because while they all seem separate, these are the things that make us mamapreneurs whole. And the common factor is YOU.

    Ready? Let's get started

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